This guy thinks Bush is the AntiChrist...

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  • JH
  • SheilaM

    Nah John Edwards is

  • Mary

    It's probably really Britney Spears

  • proplog2

    The identity of the AntiChrist is one of the earliest examples of wild Christian speculation. JW's are on solid Christian ground when they proclaim the End is Near. The Apostle John declared that it was the last hour based on his idea that the AntiChrist was anyone who left the faith. (1John 2:18,19) He was old and tired - the last of the Apostles and he no doubt believed the rumor that he would be alive when Jesus returned. (John 21:22,23).

    JW's have chosen to believe in the Apostle John's "apostate" interpretation of "anit-christ". The Apostle John an "apostate"? Not really. Apparently the early Christians were allowed to think independently without that label. But it is clear in hind-sight that John was in error about the anti-christ.

    If the end is really close then you would expect the anti-christ to be on the world stage right now. The "Left Behind" enthusiasts believe he is somewhere on the earth but remains to be identified.

    My candidate for anti-christ is Russian President Putin.

    He fits the description of the Anti-Christ at Daniel 8:23

    1. Stern Faced (NIV)

    2. Master of Deception (NIV) - former head of FSB (new name for KGB)

    3. Came to power by appointment (when Yeltsin quit)

    It remains to be seen whether "during a freedom from care he will bring many to ruin" Dan 8:25

  • CoonDawg

    He may be an illiterate chimp, but I don't think he'd qualify as the Anti-Christ....that's Ann Coulter.


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