How can I get the New World (english) Translation?

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  • TioPato


    I'd like to know if it were possible to find the New World (english) Translation on the web? I'm French and I only possess the french translation, both editions 1987 & 1995 (actually the french translation is not very good...). I heard that some copies formatted for e-sword were available somewhere on the web. Somebody to help me please!

    God bless you all!

  • StinkyPantz

    I don't know for sure where to find the NWT online, but this site has these translations (which are probably better anyway):-New International Version
    -New American Standard Bible
    -The Message
    -Amplified Bible
    -New Living Translation
    -King James Version
    -New Life Version
    -English Standard Version
    -Contemporary English Version
    -New King James Version
    -21st Century King James Version
    -American Standard Version
    -Worldwide English (New Testament)
    -Young's Literal Translation
    -Darby Translation
    -Wycliffe New Testament
    -New International Reader's Version
    -New International Version - UK

  • Lehaa

    Try writing to the WBTS, they may send you one, or get someone to bring it around for you, when they offer a bible study just say "no thanks" and shut the door.

    Welcome to the board

  • blondie
  • Satanus

    Private message me your email address, and i'll send you a zipped text copy of the nwt. It's 1.5 megs.


  • Elsewhere

    Your best bet is to just walk into the nearest Kingdom Hall and go to the literature counter and ask for one... of course you will have to deal with all of the love bombing.

    Just make sure you DON'T give them your name or address, otherwise they will be knocking on your door ever other day wanting to start a bible study.

  • The rock
    The rock


    I witness to the Witnesses though I have never been one.

    If you want an version straight away e-mail me. I have only just joined take care folks

  • TallTexan

    Uh, why do you want one? Please tell me it's to compare it to other Bibles and see how wrongly it is translated......

  • TioPato

    Actually I'm not a JW. I am officially catholic (as the majority of the French, till the imminent and whole islamization of France and of European Union...), but my studies of the Bible made me be really interested in the lutheran Reformation and in the teachings of John Wesley.

    As I said, the french tanslation of the NWT is really bad and the original english translation would be more useful to me in my comparisions with others english, spanish, portuguese, italian and of course french translations of the Bible. The NWT is said to be biased but I can't really judge it with this laughable translation to french that JW French speakers are using. I want to see it by myself with the english original.

    God bless you all!

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