flying back to UK tomorrow, hopefully see some of you guys.

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  • dh

    i'm flying back to the uk tomorrow and i haven't been back for around a year, not sure how long i will be staying but it will be cool to get back to fish & chips & bad weather!!!

    i read on a thread (englishman's barbie thread) that there is an apostafest going on in july (17th), so hopefully if it is still going on and i can get there, i would like to come and meet some of you people!


  • Gadget

    And according to all the forecasts your heading back over to a lot of rain..... thats why I scrapped my travelling plans and am abandoning the country for a week. Englishmans bbq was brilliant last year, if you can make it down I can definitely recomend it! What part of England are you going to be in?

  • dh

    i will be in yorkshire for most of the time, in or near leeds.

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