The English weather and my holiday.............

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  • Gadget

    I finished work this morning for 3 weeks holiday and the English summer has struck again....... I had planned to tour on my bike around the south of England and Cornwall, but after looking at the long range forecasts I've found out if I still do that I'll be riding in the rain everyday, not nice.......... What a typical British summer. Its worked out ok though, I've spent all day today trawling round the internet trying to find a good deal on a holiday. So now instead of getting soaked in the rain in England, I'm going to be sunning it up in Italy and Capri. Its forecast to be high 90s and sunny all week. And I'll still get to be back in time to see everyone at the apostafest, except I'll also have a good tan to show off I hope, and if the weathers nice then I'll still have another week to ride round Cornwall! I can't wait........

  • reboot

    What?? you're swopping a night out in Cheddar and a week in the rain on a bike for that?? You sure you're British??

    I paid good money to stand in the rain and mud at Glastonbury and to risk food poisoning, naked hippies and dysentry from the should be ashamed of yourself....

    yeah im jealous.....

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