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  • kilroy2

    what is the offical policy of the dobdem about going to watch the fire works on the 4th? I can still remember some of the lesser minds in arcadia fla. cong, debating about if it was a sin to watch them from you house if you could see them or if just going to the display was a sin.

    What do they teach today? I went and sined, again, oh well no everlasting live with the dead heads for me, I think I will have a nice coa cigar and ponder the problem,

  • freedom96

    If you went out to a fireworks show, you would be celebrating the holiday. You could, on a limited basis, watch it from home, if there were some to see.

    As kids, we would watch them from our roof.

  • Jahna

    Many moons ago we were at the district convention in Ottawa Canada. Our hotel over looked Parliament and the River where the grand fireworks show for Canada Day were displayed. On the hotel?s upper floors there was an observation level which gave you a spectacular view. We as well as most people viewing were all Witnesses going to the convention. I don?t know if it was forbidden or not, but it did not stop the lot of us from enjoying a beautiful display.


  • roybatty

    I was again thinking the same thing last night. My kids and I live on a lake and every year we watch the fireworks from the beach and every year we see several JWs in their boats also watching. lol. Cracks me up.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    May you have peace.

    A faithful Dub must never view fireworks directly, but if they happen to see the fireworks reflected in a puddle as they walk with their head hangin' down low, or in a small held at shoulder height, it's OK.

    This is because Jehovah says, "Thou shalt have no fireworks before me." And he's not kidding.

  • kilroy2

    so nates, its like looking a madusa, if you look at a reflection it wont hurt you but dont look directly in to the light?

    to funny. you know how some things stay with you? that conversation in arcadia still comes to me every forth, group of dubbs debating over siting on the porch looking, kind of reminds me of the pharics "spelling?" debating the laws in the bible.

    The more I think of it the more the dubbs are or seem to be a direct off shoot of the pahr, and sad c's, just like blood, they dont see what the christ said " the law was made for man not man for the law" cant see the forest through the trees,

    Well if I had the power to take zone trips and make judgments for millions it would go to my head also, so the framers of the us states constitution were many times smarter than the dubbers at the top of the hova heap. imo any way had a great 4th the rain delaid the works till the fifth but went to see them, in petoskey there is a bay and harbor springs is on theoppisit side you can see 2 fire works display, they compeat every year,

  • lazyslob

    ArenĀ“t you ashame shooting down poor demons with your fireworks ;)

  • blondie

    As with most things, the WTS says it is a personal decision while unofficially they demonize fireworks. I know of many JWs that went to the 4th of July fireworks, some watched from their property. I know of one KH where non-JWs gathered to watch the fireworks. They used to cordon off the entrance, but people would just drive over the grass. The people would leave a big mess and there was always the liability issue if someone was injured on the KH property. I forgot to drive over this year to see if the non-JW crowd still came.

    JWs as a group are trained directly and indirectly to be hypocrites. Why should this policy be any different.


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