First France, now England - charitable status?

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    First France - now England?

    Charity reports 'not transparent'

    Top charities are failing to provide proper information in their annual reports, according to a study by the industry watchdog.
    The Charity Commission has examined reports and accounts from the top 200 charities in England and Wales.

    The study discovered that one third "sold themselves short" when detailing their achievements.

    While charities mainly relying on government funding were classified as "among the least transparent".

    Most of the underperforming charities operate in culture, sport, recreation, health and housing.

    The commission worked on the basis that any interested party should be able to get a complete picture of the financial performance, deployment of resources, structure, policies, priorities and achievements of a charity.

    Its study claimed that 13 charities "said nothing at all" about their achievements.

    Best performers

    And almost half of the charities using volunteers "did not comment on their contribution as required".

    International aid charities were the best performers, followed by those organisations working in social services and relief.

    126 charities explained their achievements well
    13 said nothing at all about their achievements
    92 did not comment sufficiently on the activities of volunteers
    12 international aid charities were top performers
    73 charities, which mainly rely on government funding, were among the least transparent

    Chief Charity Commissioner John Stoker said that the general standard was "not satisfactory" among the largest charities.

    He said: "While there are some very good examples, too many charities in our study did not meet even the basic requirements.

    "We hope that all charities will read the report and respond constructively.

    "It's the large charities in particular who should be leading the way."

    Retaining trust

    Stephen Ainger, chief executive of Charities Aid Foundation which provides financial services to charities, said the industry must "raise its game".

    He said: "It is vital that charities provide crystal clear information about their objectives, activities, use of their funds and impact.

    "If we are to retain the trust and confidence of donors, the charity sector must be raising its game and providing the range of information that donors are likely to demand."

    The commission also surveyed 1,000 members of the public, 70% of whom felt it is important for charities to provide such information in their reports.

    The study, entitled Transparency and Accountability, involved 200 charities with a combined annual expenditure of £7bn.

  • TruckerGB

    Hmmm, What a suprise, not!.

  • ball.

    13 said nothing at all about their achievements

    Well, I wonder what the Witnesses list as their achievements?

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i sure some of you brits; will be more than glad to inform the gov't about the great charity work done by the wts in britian. here's your chance. who knows those printing presses the wt moved from france to britian , could be possiblly be moved into the alantic ocean . here they would make a great reef for fish . john

  • sf

    LOLOL!!! Johnny, you kill me baby.

    knows those printing presses the wt moved from france to britian , could be possiblly be moved into the alantic ocean . here they would make a great reef for fish


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