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    Looking through the Watchtower magazines from the thirties reveal a most nauseating groveling to president J. F. Rutherford. If it isn’t actually worshiping him it comes extremely close.

    In every number of the magazine there is a section where they print such drivel from obviously brainless worshipers to the “Judge”. The following examples are just randomly picked from 1930.

    At the annual business meeting of the ecclesia, held October 6, the secretary was instructed to convey to you their appreciation of our loving and faithful ministry, and of the many favors received from the Bible House during the past year;
    also to assure you of their continued cooperation with you in the great work- in which the church is engaged at the present time.
    This year the class has, for the first time, set a quota, and it will be their aim and endeavor to place one thousand books during the next twelve months. This is not a large number, but with only five workers (not including those who are doing
    pioneer work) giving what ‘little time’ they have at their disposal, we know it will require earnest effort and determination. However, we mean to “go over the top”, if possible. Praying that your hands may be upheld by the whole-hearted cooperation of the consecrated, as you day by day continue the proclamation of Jehovah’s message,

    Yours in his service,
    MBS. A E: Purvis, Secretary.

    The Lowell ecclesia extend to you their Christian love and Support.
    We greatly appreciate the lightning’s of truth as revealed in The Watch Tower and the books sent forth. Each new book and Watch Tower is an added blessing and
    inspiration for which we praise our heavenly Father. We are joyfully responding in going from house to house seeking to bring honor to Jehovah’s name as we declare the message of the overthrow of Satan’s organization and the incoming of Jehovah’s kingdom.
    Brother Watt’s visit to Lowell recently was a great stimulus and help. Many ways were shown how our organized efforts could be improved to accomplish more to the honor of our God, for which we are truly thankful. Your untiring zeal and faithfulness in the Lord’s service, dear Brother Rutherford, increase our love for you. We daily
    remember you and all the coworkers at the throne of grace.
    Earnestly cooperating with you in all your efforts to advance the kingdom, we are
    Your brethren by his favor,

    LOWELL. (Mass.) ECCLSIA.
    MISS EMMA MILLER, Secretary. The Watchtower January 1, 1930, page 15.

    It is also very saddening to behold all this and think about all the effort and work that has gone into promoting the hopeless drivel, bilge and nonsense Rutherford wrote. It doesn’t get much better knowing that today even more people devout even more time and effort to promote just as hopeless drivel, suffering from the same delusions.
    Is there no end to gullible suckers who believe anything no matter how obviously stupid?

    These next examples are even more groveling and are filled with superstitious nonsense about how wonderful the Watchtower magazine is and more superstitious drivel about the Devil and such utter nonsense.


    The Niagara Falls ecclesia, assembled, by unanimous vote wish me to express their love and appreciation of your loyalty and your faithful stand to vindicate the name of Jehovah.
    The articles in The Watch Tower are wonderful. We are sure it is meat in due season, enabling us to realize to the full extent the unscrupulous methods of the adversary, and at the same time encouraging the workers to go forth from door to door with the message of truth. We rejoice with you, and want you to know we accept the Watch Tower articles as present truth from the Lord’s table, sent to us through his channel. The lectures over the radio on Sunday mornings are certainly directed by the Lord. We are sure the Lord’s guiding hand has so arranged the WATCHTOWER network of stations to broadcast the message from one central point, so that the people across the continent can hear the message, and from one whom, we believe, the Lord
    is well pleased to use being fearless and fully devoted to his cause, and clearly’ showing up the Devil’s organization and his shrewd methods to thwart the kingdom of Christ. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless your efforts to give out the blessed message of the kingdom and its blessings for mankind.

    With much Christian love to you,
    Yours by his grace,
    ERNEST LEE, Secretary. The Watchtower July 1. 1930, page 206.

    The next letter is a reminder of a still used expression “flashes of lightening”. Of course I find such descriptions very accurate because we all know what a lightening flash does to you in the dark, it makes you even blinder, and it is hard to become much blinder than these poor fools writing these letters:


    The Wichita ecclesia extends to you its Christian love and pledges to you its continued cooperation in the great work in which the church is engaged at the present time. We greatly appreciate the flashes of lightning as revealed in The Watch Tower, especially the last ones on “Jehovah’s Royal House” which has given more light on the pathway of the righteous as they joyfully go forth from house to house seeking to bring some honor to Jehovah’s name. Truly we have a wonderful commission.
    We are very thankful for the recent visit of Brother George Young, which has been a great help to us. Both as to ways and Means of giving a better-Witness and as an encouragement to press on in this most wonderful work that Jehovah God has entrusted to the anointed at this time.
    Praying that your hands may be upheld by the wholehearted cooperation of the anointed in your untiring zeal and faithfulnesses the Lord’s service,

    Yours in his service,
    WICHITA (Kans.) ECCLESIA. The Watchtower July 1. 1930, page 206.

    This one is quite a gem. They take no chances here and want to point out that they are “completely against Satan and his organization”. Wow! Isn’t superstition a wonderful thing to have when you are running a con operation? Here we have a lot of “lightning” again and we can see that it worked just as well back then as it does today.


    Greetings to you in the service of Jehovah.
    At a general assembly of this ecclesia a motion was made, and passed unanimously, that we send you our Christian love and our appreciation of your strenuous efforts in the service of Jehovah’.
    We want to assure you that you have our love, esteem, and best, wishes and that we are with you 100-percent in Jehovah’s work in the earth at this time, and that we are completely against Satan and his organization. We also pledge our loyalty and continuous faithfulness to Jehovah’s channel. The lightning’s of Jehovah flashing from the temple are indeed most wonderful. Illuminating the pathway of his people and preparing them for the greatest campaign since the coming of the Lord to his temple. Truly the heavenly Father has reserved the choice portions of his word and work until last, and in his own good time and way reveals them to his people.
    Praised be Jehovah’s name!
    In conclusion, we thank the heavenly Father for so fearless a worker as you are; and may his divine blessings continue upon you and all at the Bethel home and everywhere.

    With Christian love, we remain,
    Your brethren in Christ,
    NEW YOCK ECCLESIA (Colored). The Watchtower July 1. 1930, page 206.

    The next letter is of a more personal kind and almost lyric in its praise of the great con man:

    Many times I have been going to write thanking you for the beautiful books sent from time to time. Words and language fail me as I try to express my gratitude and joy.
    I thank God for all his blessings as I take the message of the kingdom from door to door. The Watch Tower thrills our souls with joy and rejoicing as we study it. Oh, the blessings I receive from the precious Watch Tower and the books, also the letters!

    May the God of all comfort keep and bless you forever
    in his great love. This is my prayer.
    EMMA A. GILKES, Colporteur. The Watchtower July 1. 1930, page 206.

    Apart from the tragedy of God, this becomes even more tragic by attribute to this imaginary being the complete drivel printed in the Watchtower literature. The mere passing of time has rendered most of what was written in these Watchtower magazines totally obsolete even for the Watchtower Society. What a total waste of time, energy and human lives.


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