Brochure: Religious and Ethical Position on Medical Therapy and Related Matters

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  • Listener

    Here's a link to JW org to a Brochure that can be downloaded that summarizes some of the doctrinal positions of the organization. It was produced in 2012.

    It provides a good summary of what blood products are acceptable and those that are not. In so doing, it also makes them look like fools since there is no basis for their views. It provides an easy reference for discussing their stance when talking with JWs.


    The whole blood “fractions” dogma is one of the most evil and simultaneously stupid and senseless beliefs of the cult.

    You cant have whole blood, or it’s main components, but you can have fractions of those? By the way, they all come from donated blood, which is from animals or worldly people that was stored for medical use... Oh yeah, you can’t store your own safe blood for later either.

    The GB deserve the death penalty for this bit of dogma, and I’m serious.. I’m 100% serious.. That legalistic decision to allow fractions as if they are doing JWs a favor, while knowing good and well the No Blood Policy is wrong, is just plain evil.

    Call me what you will, but if the GB were punished for crimes against humanity, I would sleep like a baby.


  • Vidiot

    Well gosh, Data-Dog, don't hold back; tell us how you really feel.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Data-Dog I agree 100%. The fact that the r&f swallow this without any thought is infuriating to me. The hypocrisy of being happy to take any part of blood that has been donated by someone whose death you are praying for is mind boggling.

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