Can You Trust the News Media? - Awake! 2013

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  • Funchback

    I have stripped it down to this:

    Many journalists and the organizations they work for have expressed a commitment to producing accurate and informative reports. Yet, there is reason for concern. Consider the following factors:


    While it is wise not to believe everything we read in the news, it does not follow that there is nothing we can trust. The key may be to have a healthy skepticism, while keeping an open mind.

    The Bible says: “Does not the ear itself test out words as the palate tastes food?” (Job 12:11) Here, then, are some tips that will help us to test out the words we hear and read:

    PROVIDER: Does the report come from a credible, authoritative person or organization? (Is the WTBTS credible?) Does the program or publication have a reputation for seriousness or for sensationalism? Who provide the funds for the news source?

    SOURCES: Is there evidence of thorough research? (In the case of the magazines of the WTBTS, I am going to have to say, 'no'). Is the story based on just one source? Are the sources reliable, fair, and objective? (In fact, they are not in regards to the Society's literature. Everything is slanted toward their own agenda. Plus they love using "..."). Are they balanced, or have they been selected to convey only one point of view? (Um, Watchtower literature? One point of view in most cases).

    PURPOSE: Ask yourself: ‘Is the news item primarily to inform or entertain? Is it trying to sell or support something?’

    TONE: When the tone of a news item is angry, spiteful, or highly critical, it suggests that an attack is under way and not a reasoned argument. (Like attacks on the UN, the Catholic church, or former believers?)

    CONSISTENCY: Are the facts consistent with those in other articles or reports? If stories contradict one another, be careful!

    TIMELINESS: Is the information recent enough to be acceptable? Something thought to be correct 20 years ago may be discounted today. (This is where I drop the mic and walk off stage).On the other hand, if the news item is a breaking story, it may lack complete and comprehensive information.

    Awake! magazine is carefully researched. We attempt to document every fact, figure, and quotation. This journal is not influenced by activists, big business, or any human government. This magazine is supported by voluntary contributions. Its publishers believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that what the Bible says can be trusted.


  • JWdaughter

    No irony there!

  • smiddy

    Can You Trust the News Media? - Awake! 2013

    They have to be kidding me !

    The WTB&TS /Jehovahs witnesses have been re-inventing their history since C.T.Russell startered his religion in the late 1800`s.

    Then called the international bible Students ascotiation.They have never been honest about anything they have previously posted in their publications ,except to say it was old light .In other words it was untrue, false what they said previously.

    So why would anybody believe anything they say now.

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