What could Jw church do to enhance their shunning regime?

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  • Chook

    If they controlled a nation they would stone their kids to death , which seems harsh but its nothing compared to the solitary confinement they emotionally and physically bestow on their own children. I think they have ticked every box as to the rejection of their children except killing them, they leave that for God .

  • hybridous

    Even that last part they leave to God...begrudgingly.

    They're screwing themselves, though it will take a long time to bear itself out.

    So we know that the majority of kids raised in the cult eventually leave (I've heard anywhere from 2/3 to 80% - but the precise number doesn't matter, only that it's LARGE!)

    Many dubs have meager educations, meager careers, meager earnings, and therefore meager retirement.

    It'd be a real shame if the State wasn't up to the task in taking care of elderly dubs in their golden years. Further shame if these very same needy folks done chased away most of their progeny, on account of a hokey religious cult, after all...

    ...and spent their old age alone and in poverty of both coin and spirit...

    This is the hand the JW religion is dealing out to it's strident believers.

    I suppose they could further narrow the definition of 'necessary family business'...and enthusiastically enforce it. But I suppose there might be a natural limit to this approach, because it may hit home for too many families of elders and therefore be unenforceable beyond that which is done, now...

  • moreconfusedthanever

    The thing about that is, people are allowing themselves to be controlled. They read the scripture that supports shunning in Corinthians and there are only 6 things mentioned in there but there are over 100 disfellowshipping offences in the JW religion. When someone is announced as no longer a JW, no one gets to find out why? You are not allowed to get the facts from the person.

    One of my friends got disfellowshipped for nothing but the "sheeple" will make up stories and gossip because no one gets disfellowshipped for nothing. Jehovah wouldn't allow that.

    How many faders are being shunned by their family just for not warming a seat at the kingdom hall?? No disfellowshipping offence committed and no disassociation letter written yet the family "protect their own spirituality" by avoiding these ones.

    The mind control is complete but they still profess to have free will.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Chook, I know it's not about shunning but they have ticked every box to reject their children including the one which says their child's life is of less importance than strict obedience to the Watchtower's demands.

    JWs have permitted the Watchtower organization to dictate that under certain avoidable circumstances their children must be allowed to die. Namely that their children must refuse a blood transfusion.

    This dangerous belief goes against all natural humanity. It demonstrates the wickedness of the JW cult in the first place and the tragedy of believing its reckless interpretations of the Bible.

    Ordinary, decent people never harm their children in any way. Jws are ordinary decent people who have allowed themselves to do bad things in the name of a stupid religion.

  • ssn587

    IMO, the actions visited upon those DF or marked is very much like ISIS' treatment of non-muslims. The witnesses only can kill you mentally vs how ISIS does it.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Excommunication is common within Christendom but shunning isn't.

    Some "Churches" handle it properly and Biblically.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Something happened - the link didn't insert! Try again.

    Some "Churches" handle it properly and Biblically.

    Shunning is indeed a Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

  • smiddy3

    Half banana , I could`nt agree with you more

    Shunning your own children because of or /in the name of a religion shows these people have no natural affection.

    Rom.1:31 and according to scripture are deserving of death.

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