Work at bethel.

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  • asp59

    Hello, just wonder if there are some ex bethelites here. What is the expectation of the Quality of the work one does in bethel? I mean if you dont do a good work in a regular company you can loose jour job. What are the expectations for a bethelite? Do you become a GB member if you are a good worker? Dont know how they are selected.

  • Giordano

    GB body members pull their ideas out of their ass...... Yes men every time....never a women....... no doubt afraid of the loss of male supremacy.

    I had the option of applying to Bethel after I did a year of pioneering. I visited Bethel when I was a HS student many times as we lived about an hour away in the greater NY City area. Familiarity drove me away from this JW option. It was a stupid move in a religion that takes and never gives.

    I never saw the point of it. Why work in a factory for 30 cents an hour? Who are you serving printing books?

    I deciding working where 'the need was greater' was the better option. I could be me and that was going to have to be good enough.

    As far as becoming a GB member you have to become an ass wipe. A toady waiting for your chance to hammer home one of your own nutty JW beliefs as others have done. Unfortunately the New Light comes from burnt out dim as your brain..

    Having served on local community boards....... picking a fellow board member was always a guess .

    You make a bad selection and you can't get rid of the SOB.

  • mann377

    Not sure now but when I was at Bethel in the 70's you could be kicked out if you were a slacker. A real lazy person. I only saw this on a couple of occasions in my four years. Most were given real shitty jobs that would encourage you to leave. If the overseers of the department complained enough the Bethel office would call the individual in and tell the individual to pack your bags!

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