INSPIRED ERROR: new phrase among JW CO

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  • Vidiot

    The admission Fred Franz made at the Walsh trial has always stuck with me...

    ...that the WTS was, indeed, fallible and had made egregious mistakes, but that the R&F still were required to accept whatever the Org said, as though it were infallible...

    ...and what's more, if they didn't, they were - for all intents and purposes - deserving of death, simply because the leadership believed (i.e. convinced themselves without actual proof) that they were acting as God's agency.

    Deconstruct it down to that core description - without all the religious syllogism - and quite frankly, I doubt there's a single reasoning person on the planet who wouldn't think it sounds f**king insane.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS. has always been about luring in people to the organization through decisively corrupt doctrines ie. Christ has returned , Armageddon or judgment day soon, mankind is living in the prophetic last days... etc.

    This intentional operational agenda by its leaders was to sustain their self empowerment as well gather in money so the printing of literature can continue which were laced with all of those corruptly devised self serving doctrines to further draw in more devout followers.

    People did so in thinking they were preaching the Gospel according to Jesus's instructions and appeasing god in doing so , unfortunately what they were really doing is serving commercially inspired corrupt false prophets who ran and operated their own publishing house, being subservient to their will and purpose.

  • Vidiot

    "the R&F still were required to accept whatever the Org said, as though it were infallible..."

    Sorry, forgot to add... "solely for the purpose of enforced solidarity..."

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