INSPIRED ERROR: new phrase among JW CO

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  • Spiral
  • Finkelstein

    INSPIRED ERROR = an attempt to excuse the indulgent corruption of the WTS. and the leaders of this relgoius publishing house.

  • truthlover

    Does anyone know how many were disfellowshipped because of "Inspired Errors"... all the old reference books have been destroyed except what you can obtain from the internet... all the halls have gotten rid of the old books -- even the cd's only go hack to recent times... So now, does the society even think of the lives destroyed over their inspired errors and false teachings??

  • EdenOne

    He must have meant "inspired by demons" in the sense of Revelation 16:13, 14


  • prologos

    He must have meant "inspired by demons" in the sense of Revelation 16:13, 14


    he cited 1John 4:6 midway, but finally it came down to demons and satan Rev. using your parents to introduce it, see my previous post

  • ttdtt

    All I can say is when our CO gave that talk, I wanted to vomit. I also know it did not go down well with everyone, but the masses who are under the spell eat it up.

    The worst part was the last one.

    "Oh yes, we just extended the time of they end with our crazy overlapping generations crap, and yes Br Splaine used a chart that had the time from Now to the End be almost as long as the time before that - but its obvious you are all fools and unfaithful for thinking the end isnt going to be the day after next Tuesday."

    Your christian brothers, bla bla bla

  • Vidiot

    Like more and more of us are saying, "you can't make this shit up"...

  • prologos

    ttdtt: "--that had the time from Now to the End be almost as long as the time before that. !!!!

    I did not hear that part, but your point is a fact. and it would allow them to say in 2075, we told you so. If you subtracted from the date of death of an "anointed" that "served" in 1914, 1914, and added those years to the date of funeral, you have the possible Armageddon date. even then it is an iffy 2075, for the George Gangas example ( died 19196).

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    We had this talk about a month ago with a new circuit overseer. Youngish guy, his 3rd circuit, never in Bethel.

    Strangely, he soft pedaled the whole thing. He mostly talked about not becoming so caught up in the day to day that we lose track of our personal spirituality. He specifically said "the teaching committee put together this outline regarding inspired error" then he read the scripture. Then he listed them as bullet points:

    1)The media--He said just to realize that sometimes reports may be embellished or sensationalized

    2)Higher Education--He said higher education can be beneficial in this system, bear in mind,though, higher education will only get you to the end of this system, but make sure you have what it takes to get beyond...yes, friends, please keep a balanced view of education.

    3) sorry can't remember what he said about the end being not far off, but it wasn't very strong whatever he said

    Anyway, I was sort of disappointed because I thought this talk would be a good opener for talking to my spouse about ttatt, because education is a hot button for him.

    But the talk came off as way too "balanced" for me to say anything. Bummer.

  • paradisebeauty
    1925, 1975, 1914 - inspired errors

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