The Kardashian women are double agents for the Patriarchy

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    It's absolutely true - Jameela Jamil said so in a Channel 4 interview and Guardian columnist Frances Ryan agrees.

    Kim Kardashian promotes an appetite-suppressant lollipop to all her instagram followers ... because that's what The Patriarchy (the male of the species) wants, right?

    What's that? Kim K has her own ideas about health and beauty, and chooses to push that onto her followers?

    Get real you mug.

    Actually, she's a double agent that seeks to do, not her own will, but the will of The Patriarchy that sent her.

    Yep, God's honest. It's all in here ...

  • Onager

    Where do we get these appetite suppressing lollipops??!!

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