Trump - Putin summit , cold war ended

by mikeflood 3 Replies latest social current

  • mikeflood

    Trump - Putin summit today, Putin said : "cold war has ended, difficulties in US - Russia relations don't have any objective reasons" . It's gonna be another stunt, too much interests in keeping the worldwide weapons race and the inmense profits....

  • sir82

    Oh come on now, it will be at least as productive as the US - NK summit - you know, the one where NK promised, promised, promised, cross my heart & hope to die, that they would give up their nuclear weapons.....some day. Maybe. Or maybe not. Whatever.

  • waton

    Poker player meeting chess player. We just saw Putin on the platform, and the world's best reaching up to him, eager to shake his hands. Now all hope, Trump does not bet the store to score.

  • TD

    Well if Oceania has never been at odds with Eurasia, I guess there's always Eastasia.....

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