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  • usualusername1

    In my comedy I am playing around with being a JW spokesman justifying the ridiculous things in the publications, website, letters and talks by Governing Body members.

    Can you give me some scandals please?

    To start off with UN NGO membership...



  • konceptual99

    I would say accepting products manufactured from donated blood yet refusing to donate blood on pain of being shunned is pretty scandalous.

    I'd love to see someone like Paxman interview the Bethel media rep on that one!

  • konceptual99
    Can the lifesaving, worldwide preaching work be considered either lifesaving or worldwide when billions of the world's population have slim to no chance of hearing it and when it impossible for JW growth to keep pace with global population growth?
  • HereIgo
    Generation flip flop of 1995
  • Schnufti

    "Look, science proves the Bible!" - "Evolution is not true because the Bible says so."

  • Finkelstein

    The one and only true Christian faith that makes up unscriptural dates mostly to help sell and proliferate literature, creating a tainted commercialized version of preaching the Gospel. $$$

  • steve2

    The following is not only ridiculous but points to the blatant hypocrisy of JW organization in permitting JWs to receive some blood components but not permitting them to donate blood for use in permitted blood-component treatments:

    Factor X, the blood-clotting component in blood, is derived from the donations of multiple donors. It is a vital life-saving treatment for haemophiliacs (individuals whose blood lacks this component and who face the constant risk of bleeding to death).

    JW organization says that it is up to the consciences of JWs with haemophilia to avail themselves of Factor X.

    That being the case, how come JWs are not permitted by JW organization to donate their blood - even to help their brothers and sisters who choose to avail themselves of Factor X?

  • waton

    1) Jesus said "this Generation will not pass away until all these things occur". but

    WT now says " this anointed generation will pass away; -- it will die, go to heaven before Armageddon, prior to the judgement of Sheep and Goats". WT is going beyond. w.i.w.

    2) Wt teaches that all of the "Israel of God" aka "Spiritual Israel" goes to heaven, is anointed; but also teaches that

    the "12 tribes of Israel", in Math. 19:28 and Rev 7: 4-9, are the "Earthly, non partaker class"

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