End of biblical generation.

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  • asp59

    This organization use God's name. When puting God's name they accepted some things. To complete the preaching work. High quality on things like platform. And of course being a loving organization. As God is love. I just wonder if this organization didn't fullfil the requirements. Cause sens the year 1995 when the end of the 80 generation ended it's been downhill in the western world for them. And now it's spreading world-wide. One can not compare the energy in the congregation before the middle of the 90s and after. Maybe holy spirit already has made evaluation of things.

  • jonahstourguide

    Once we realise and understand, by careful analysis of the various claims, it becomes evident that there is no such thing as holy spirit. Our eyes are then opened wide to the whole charade/farce.


  • TheWonderofYou
    "to complete the preaching work"

    Today I had an encounter with a former elder now his 70is. I said hello and wished him good street service. We shaped hands .. but then

    The sudden reply: "You know that for you there isn't much time left now?"

    Me; "I think it can last eben longer"...

    "You know what the bible says is coming next. That whenever yhey say peace..."

    Me "Um not sure now Kim even is good friend with Trump..."

    "The bible is always true...You have only few time now.....

    "Okay I have to go now my parking ticket runs out.. good buy.."

    He is standing now there when the weather is warmer each Saturday. He had about 15 awake in his hand in old manner. A really unusual number of them, a thick burdensome bundle ....

    To Complete unto me his Preaching Work. IS this the loving call for coming back?🦊

  • scratchme1010
    Maybe holy spirit already has made evaluation of things.

    According to experts in the matter of high demand, controlling groups (commonly known as cults), the type of groups that always end in some kind of trouble, or just end, are two. The first one are the groups that base their teaching on recovery from addictions, and the second on are the groups that focus on predicting the end of the world or claiming that the end is near.

    In the first group, they end in trouble because the following generations, born-ins, never exercised the life of an active addict, and they feel that they have nothing to recover from. Hence, what they say doesn't speak to them at all.

    In the second group is because, well, any kind of "end of the world" based teaching is just false (so far we don't have the math and science to predict when life will end). Also, most of those "end is near" groups use that to demand things from their membership, only for them to feel fooled since there's always some stupid explanation as to why something that they predict doesn't happen. There's only so much fooling that they an take, hence, they dwindle, change, get disbanded, or evolve into something else.

  • Crazyguy

    Since the entire premise is wrong all I can say is No. No where in the Bible is there any proof of a deity or son of a deity coming invisibly in any year let alone 1914, what’s the point of that. Gods son sneaking around, the Bible says all eyes would see him.

    Nothing the JWs have said or preached makes any sense when compared to the Bible. The only thing that they could be identified with in the Bible is false prophets.

  • venus

    Psalm 90:10 had a literal fulfillment on them: "Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures" which means there is nothing divine about the organization. What applies to the physical man applies to the organization too (individuals collective)

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