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  • RedhorseWoman

    Hmmmm....well, first of all, I highly doubt that JW's have the only chance at paradise...no matter what they say.

    Additionally, although relations between married persons are supposed to be strictly private, you can be sure that there will be whopping dosages of guilt heaped on about any sexual practices that are not....ummmm....plain and simple.

    Trash the videos, retire the toys....you will be so busy with meetings and service that you will soon forget any of these horrible practices.

  • Andyman

    Your right there Red;

    Sex and JW's don't go together. Is't the societies policy that sex is just for making new converts?

    All you have to do is go to a meeting and check out those "happy" faces to see just how exciting their home life really is.

    But hey, like Red said, you will be to bussy going to those five meetings a week, 2 on Sunday, 1 for the books study, and 2 more during the school night. And don't forget you have to study on Saturday, after a good long day of field service, and then study again for the other two days, which leaves you one day to sit back and think, "what the hell am I doing"!

    So if you really want some good advice, think REAL hard before you take the "plunge"!

    Take care.


  • Dubby


    I enjoyed sex similar to the way you do before I became a JW. Then, I stopped practicing just about every form of intimacy. The guilt that was laid upon me(pardon the pun)forced me to stop. After a few years, I figured out that Jesus and the apostles said nothing about the subject. Like Rhw and Andy say, if you get involved at the KH, you'll not have much time(if you're a GOOD JW) and sex will be limited, lest guilt be heaped upon you.

    An elder at my hall actually gave a talk on the subject of sex, and guess what? Oral sex is a no-no, and heaven forbid if the word "anal" is involved! There is much more than meets the eye at first glance to being a JW. Be very careful! If you want to quit most of your activities besides work, then become a JW.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

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  • mgm

    Dear BQ
    today, witnesses are much more open to sex than some years ago. The Watchtower doesn't get involved anymore about privat sexual practices of couples. It's quite up to each couple to do what they like. But there is shure a limit. To join a swinger club is not possible as a witness. I wouldn't show your "teachers" the cellar and its toys at all.
    You have two ways:

    1. Continue study and just keep that topic for private, and do with your wife what both enjoy. (I'm shure, a lot of JW couples are open mindet about that and practice a lot in there bedroom..but never ever tell others...:-)).

    2. stop the study.
    Looks like that Alex is a hardliner. Not all witnesses are so extrem.

    PS: My wife and me are still witness and practice a lot more than just "missionary position".

  • waiting

    Hey mgm,

    The sneaking opinion herein is that BQ is jokingly SS answering himself - many times.

    In my bedroom I’ve rigged up a system using ropes, pulleys ( no pun intended ) and an old vacuum cleaner that enables “hands free”

    That ol' SS, just having a good ol' time in his bedroom with a vacuum typing at the same time.

    He is his own Lover, well suited to each other.
    Perhaps that's why he chose S and S.

    waiting, tired of the perversion games

  • Simon

    Because of the adult nature of this topic, I've moved it to this new area called 'Sex'

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