Seeing a congregation fall apart brick by brick

by JH 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    When I started in the troof, about in 87, I belonged to a certain congregation that disolved a few years later. Out of the 3 elders there at the time, none of them are elders today.

    Today I met one of the 3 elders in question, and he had long hair. Right away I knew he wasn't an elder anymore, not even a witness.

    How a congregation looked so strong and spirtual only a few years ago, is now nothing but rubble.

    Something to think about...

  • Satanus

    Veddy intedestink. How did your conversation w the xelder go?


  • JH

    I saw him where I work. He recognized me and came and talked to me. I didn't recognize him at first, because of his long hair. We only talked for a few minutes. He moved about 4 years ago to another city nearby, to escape the JW. I'll know more another time when we talk again.

  • JH

    He used to work in the cleaning business like so many other witnesses. Now he seemed happy to work for the government.

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