Numerology.................anyone follow or have comments?

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  • Sunnygal41

    Hi! would appreciate a fair commentary to follow...........strong feelings will certainly be evident and invaluable.........yes, Ab, that means you!

    Anyhoo, another list I'm involved in posted a commentary on the letter 22.............turns out at least 6 of us checked in as having a birthday of of course, I'd like to see who on this list was born on the twenty-second of whatever month............

    Terri, definitely of the red flag before a bull named Abaddon Class!

  • bikerchic

    I've looked into this along with many other ways of for telling the future, seeing the past seems a lot of it is coincedience and yet I do feel that whatever you fill your head with, or whatever you put out there is what you bring to yourself. On that note I would just say be careful what you follow.

    my .02


  • Sunnygal41

    Thanks, Kate, I appreciate the concern!


  • fairy

    whether i really believe it or not - it does interest me.

  • little witch
    little witch

    When someone starts talking BS using unverifiable, esoteric dogma I laugh and walk away. Superstition and make believe is laughable. I can't even take it seriously enough to debate. Numerology? LOLOLOL

  • Carmel

    Numerology has played an important role in all the world's religions. A classic example is the perfect symmtry of the Koran. The number 19 is hidden in the verses, suras and lines of Arabic. It is lost in the translation to English or other languages, but in Arabic it is well preserved. Not until the advent of computers was it confirmed. I could site other examples, but to make the point, it is not used to forcast the future, but it has been used to convey information in hidden ways. Not unlike the prophet language of apoctalyptic scriptures in all religions.


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