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  • Sargon

    This was on another thread, I though it was a great idea and I've always got lots of posts available so here goes:

    If you're late you have to knock on the door and be recognized through the peep-hole before they will unlock the door.

    I'm surprised they didn't ask for a password.

    Perhaps you could start a thread for suggested passwords, Elsewhere...

  • dustyb

    like porno password.

    JW: Knock knock
    Householder: Who's there?
    JW: I am a member of Jehovah's Christian Witnesses
    Householder: Whats the porno password?
    JW: I'm not allowed to say
    Householder: the password is, your wife has great tits and i want to play with them!

    heh heh heh heh

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