We need a little information for OUR files !

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  • Rabbit

    I was baptized in '73. I also Reg. pioneered for 3 years. Where are my records now? Do they follow you? Does the old KH send everything to your new KH - is nothing, no references or copies left at the old KH's?

    What if Jah (accidently of course !) struck the KH with lightning, comet or A-bomb?

    Any records floating elsewhere, New York, Cyberspace, under the Elders bed?

    What if they show up (for the 1st time...) after 4 years of no meetings and want to DA/DF me? Can I make them PROVE I was baptised ?

    Inquiring mind wants to know ! +

  • blondie

    I have known of elder bodies to ship your cards to the congregation that holds the territory where you live without your asking. I have seen that when people start attending a different local congregation on a regular basis and don't ask for their cards to be switched. The elders will just do it. If you move and don't tell them where you are going, then the cards stay in the old congo's files. Of course, elder bodies are not uniform.


  • TD

    If you're asking what I think you're asking, I don't believe the records are supposed to be stored at the KH. Probably in the home of the "Secretary" or PO.

  • Rabbit


    If you're asking what I think you're asking, I don't believe the records are supposed to be stored at the KH. Probably in the home of the "Secretary" or PO.

    That's comforting...not.! What happens when someone is counciled about something or is DF, is there a collection of dirty little notes about the interrogation ? Where are they...?

  • Loris
    elder bodies are not uniform.

    I'm sorry but this made me imagine something like Model # SK34-10J from the Acme Robotic Factory. Are elder bodies from some defective molds? Why are they not uniform? Sorry I am having severe mental hiccups.


  • Loris

    Seriously, I do not believe for a second that the society or the local congregation destroyed all records of mine even tho I requested that in a letter. I believe that you exist on a data base at headquarters as well as your last congregation.

    There has to be a way to track you. If say you appeared at a congregation in BFE years after you left the home town cong. Suppose you were trying to pull a fast one and get baptized all over again and start fresh even tho you were DF'd in the home town. The elders in BFE may suspect something. They must be able to call HQ and confirm your newbie status.


  • dannyboy

    RE: "Publisher's Record Card"

    Well, this is a bit off topic, but:

    I recall the "organizational" thinking on the cards was that they were the property of the congregation/organization and not personal property, so they feel free to handle them accordingly. Seems to me this was one of those myriad things passed along at the CO's meeting with the elders, or maybe at a Circuit Assembly DO/CO/Elders pow-wow......they had/have so many many of these little "policy" type things........


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