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  • PanteraFan

    OK, I am not too good with looking around in the bible. So if you know of any scriptures where god kills people can you please post them here? Even scriptures in the NWT would help. Thanks in advance :)

  • dustyb

    heh, read the OT. when god killed david's child because david messed up etc etc. when cain killed abel as a sacrifice and whatnot. i don't know exact scriptures because i'm tired right now..

  • jgnat

    It is easy enough to find on your own. Use a search engine like and put in words like "kill" or "murder".

    Here are two to start: John 17:2, Acts 3:15

  • shotgun

    Do you mean singlely or by the millions?

    Flood...Genisis 6

    Promised land...had Israel kill about 18 million

    It's pretty hard to find scriptures where he didn't kill people in the OT......but as Arnie would say..they were all bad..even the chidren and babies.

  • undercover
    cain killed abel as a sacrifice

    That's new to me. I thought Cain killed Abel in a fit of anger or rage after God accept Abel's sacrifice but not Cain's.

  • roylester

    yeah, theres a lot of instances where God orders his faithful to kill the enemies, mostly because they were idolaters and the like.

  • simplesally

    You must've meant that Abraham was commanded to kill Isaac as a sacrifice....................but the Angel stepped in and prevented it.

  • gaiagirl

    In Numbers 31 is an account of one part of the Israelite conquest of Canaan. Verse 17 and 18 is a specific directive in which God is reported to have instructed the Israelite armies to kill all captives, including women and children, except for young virgin girls. Guess why the young virgin girls were not killed.

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