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    Listening to a program regarding W. E. B. DuBois the other day that quoted his writing in what was I think "The Souls of Black Folk." Sorry to be too lazy to cite it myself here.

    The gist of the quote was that men need to have goals that are broad, inspired and pure. Not sordid money-getting.

    That phrase, "sordid money getting" made me think of course of the Watchtower. It seems to me that while all religions are of course seeking donations, most also give back substantially to their communities. Most other major religions have set up Universities. Most have broad based charitable organizations. At the least, most provide real comfort to people at the most difficult times of their lives. Most other religions don't expel people for thinking freely.

    On the other hand the WT seems to be engaged in broad based money grabs from congregations. Lucrative real estate sales and swaps and most recently, TV evangelist style outright begging. Add also, massive layoffs all to preserve the bottom line. It resorts to extensive thought control to retain membership. It seems that sordid money getting is an apt description.

    I've also had the "pleasure" of dealing from time to time with various individuals within the congregation on a business level. I've been astonished at the level of cut-throat competition even among so-called brothers. I've seen those who will use deceit to steal other brothers clients, then go to the meeting and proclaim their self sacrificing love for one another. I've seen builders that will cut every corner to pad their bottom line to the detriment of another brother. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

    It seems ironic that about the same time CTRussell was thinking up his scheme, DuBois was inspiring a movement that has really helped all men aspire to a higher purpose. Recent newsworthy events show we have a long way to go in realizing the dream of equality across race and gender. Still, I'd rather contribute to any charity or organization that isn't involved in "sordid money-getting."

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