FAVORS "I will only do this because he/she is a Witness"

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  • Joker10

    This will probably be a long thread.

    We all remember those favors. Back then we wouldn't do a particular favor to anybody, but because the person was a Witness we did. And remember how bad they paid us back?

    A brother from Texas was moving to L.A. and my mother invited him to our house to save some money since he got a new job here. His wife and 2 teenage boys came later. Now my mom really did it. To make room for him, she threw my 4 sisters out of their bedroom to the living room--with me! Appearentaly this didn't bother my parents. What bothered them was that he broke our glass kitchen table when he was getting up He left my dad alone to pick up the pieces. The good thing is that overtime he began feeling embarrased walking to the living room at early times of the morning to go to work. He moved in with a brother from another congregation.

    Now, my mom claims that his wife wouldn't let her husband hang around with her because of jealousy and thats why she began to talk to her very little and then to the point where they just didn't like each other. But for the sake of the meetings, there was a simple greeting.

    But apparently they didn't learn from this. Because my mom's brother-in-law was Witness she also invited him in. This time he slept in the living room. Althogh staying for several months here, he never did contribute anything to the house while he was working. He finally moved out, and then the wife appeared in the picture. Things happenned. They really argued one night and he ended up saying "We have nothing to be grateful of". And mom's sister with her mouth shut, he said, "**** and I don't want to have any type of a relationship with you" And they left!

    So what are some of your experiences?

  • imallgrowedup


    Joker -

    It sounds like hanging out with the apostates is finally knocking some sense into you! Awesome! Glad you have a new set of specs! There is more hypocrisy from where that came!


  • dh

    i remember a couple of times when brothers from distant congregations were courting the sisters in ours, they would usually wind up moving in with some local family for the duration, until they got married, that happened a few times at our house, where a brother would come and stay for months on end, usually he would be a self righteous pioneer in his early 20's.

    i also saw plenty of times lowlifes came in off the streets of the world or loafers came along, found a local soft hearted jw and knocked on the door saying they needed somewhere to stay, and were let in, to live free of charge, all they had to do is pretend they were into the whole jw thing, some of these guys thought they were superstars, they were just total bums, they would stay a while, then leave, then when things got bad, they would be back again at the doorstep of someone begging for a roof over their head.

  • Sassy

    Unfortunately there are often what I guess you could call "USERS" among the witnesses. Don't get me wrong, there are many who lovingly give and those who totally appreciate when there is a real NEED for help and this type of giving is actually a kind and good thing. Those are the kind of people who would do that same thing in return if given a favor.... somehow repay in some kind of kindness.. and definately pay what they could to reimburse what burden it might put on those doing the kindness..

    Those are not the people I am talking about. USERS are the people who think that the 'brotherhood' is supposed to give you freebies.. and many times they don't always recipricate when the shoe is on the other foot. I knew a guy who expected every brother in the congregation to come over and help him fix up his place, put on a deck, etc.. but if you wanted him to repair your tv (he had his own business).. forget it.. you pay the same as everyone off the street. I knew another brother that had a congregation help him build a new house and then they sold the house a month later and moved to a nicer more expensive house<---USER

    BUT I have seen the opposite.. people willing to give a hand. I myself was on the recipricating end once where I needed a foundation put in for my new home.. here I was single/divorced and little extra $$. Brothers came in and hand built the forms for my foundation and did the labor on pouring the cement. We were putting that in till midnight one night! I can't tell you how much it meant to me. Of course I did everything to try to feed them while they helped me and when my house was put on top (modular home), I had a big thank you party with all kinds of home made food and organized games in the yard and stuff for everyone involved to have a fun day.. I never ever took what they did for granted and will always remember the work that they gave to help me.

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