I've Got 2 Tickets to ............................

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  • xjw_b12

    Paradise? No not Eddie Money. Hey any of you old fogeys remember that one?

    I 've got two tickets to Nickleback tonight.

    First show sold out in 3 hours, and 2 weeks later they added a second show which sold out just as fast.

    You have to understand, that being a smaller venue here, the only tour buses and roadies we get to see are the ones passing through from Toronto to Winnipeg

    They were impossible tickets to get, but I got connections, so CJ and I are going.

    CJ is salvatating over seeing Chad Kroeger. I'm salvatating over seeing the groupies !

    BTW has any one heard of the opening acts? Three Days Grace and The Trews? Youngest daughter knows TDG but I've never heard of The Trews.

    Nickelback with Three Days Grace and The Trews Nickelback with Three Days Grace and The Trews is sold out Thursday, February 5, 2004 Fort William Gardens Thunder Bay, ON - Canada P7C 1J9 show time: 7:00 PM
    Nickelback Nickelback is sold out Tuesday, March 9, 2004 Fort William Gardens Thunder Bay, ON - Canada P7C 1J9 show time: 7:00 PM
  • shotgun

    I don't think you should go, it sounds like bad association and it will spoil your useful habits.

    Then again your an XJW with bad habits already so have a great time.

    I missed out on a free ticket to see them in Vancouver a few weeks back.

    BTW give CJ a big squeeze from Shotgun and Thank her for all the advice.

  • kls

    That was my first thought ,paradise. I saw Godsmack and Stain last year Excellent .Maybe you could swing by Wisconsin and pick me up and sneek me in.PLEEEEESSSSEEE. KLS

  • Special K
    Special K

    Nickle Back.. ROCKS!!!



    Special K

  • talesin

    I'm SOOOOO jealous!

    But since it's you and CJ, enjoy!!! Have a rockin' good time!!!

    BTW, I've never actually SEEN any groupies at rock concerts - I think they are mostly backstage. I'm friends with a pretty famous Haligroupie from the 80's - she's still blonde and beautiful, so good luck with your groupie-watch!


  • calamityjane

    Hey Talesin, Chad Kroeger walked right by me, he was coming from the lighting and sound stage back to the front stage, I could have pinched his ass

    It was a rockin time alright. The pyrotechnics were unbelievable and unbelievably loud.

  • talesin

    Sounds awesome, CJ - I just love that man's voice - and his solo stuff is great as well. I haven't actually seen a pic of him so I didn't know he was good-lookin too!

    I'm glad you folk get some good concerts - it's pretty much the same here - we don't get the really big acts, but it's a real treat to see a great band once in a while.


  • xjw_b12

    For CJ and talesin:

  • dottie

    Damn that man makes me...um...well...nevermind

    CJ...Have you seen their video for "Someday" yet??? His hair is shorter and it doesn't look all that great but he has the sexiest blue eyes ever!

    Glad to hear you had a great time...I've resorted to watching my Nickelback "Live at Home" DVD till they head down this way

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