March 5 WT study "yeartext" Notes.

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  • waton

    Par 5: "--Noah could not make the flood come any sooner,--" but wt used to teach we could "hasten the day" by doing enhanced full time preaching.

    Par7: "--we know Jehovah has promised to destroy--" -- we are convinced -- not one day longer--" -- Noah a preacher, faithfully proclaimed the warning message--" no word of that in the actual account, because just to keep the copper tools sharp would have been a full time job. but we know, we are convinced, wt said so.

    Par. 9: "--preaching work --will strengthen our hope--"--fortifies our positive view of the future--" self hypnosis, indoctrination.

    Par.11: " David --could not escape the consequences of his mistake (not sin) --" comment: -- but he did, He was not stoned, but if he was a man, he could applied the law to himself and fallen on his sword, like Saul his predecessor. Coward.

    Par. 12: God's support? it is invisible support; if it fails to come, it is more testing.

    Par.13: David "-- instead of being paralyzed with guilt--" he carried right on, like an elder after hidden df sin, if blessed with "success", will escape jc action.

    David had his record "--firmly sealed in Jehovah's memory--" if it is as the rest of God's "scrolls", the bible, it will be there, never to emerge, firmly sealed. failed. (new wt wording)

    Par.17: The needy widow contributing all: "-- she could hardly do anything about the corrupt practises--" so, implied: never mind also the corrupt practises of the wt machinery, contribute anyway, everything, --the government will make up the deficit. Satan's agents at work, at their best.

    Believe in impossible myths, the flood, Do service, it makes you believe them more, Contribute to us, even if we are corrupt. trust in government help.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Surely, the more they prattle on using Noah and other childish fables as if they really happened:--- in time most of JWs will wake up!

    Or are they attempting to have an organisation with a ban on members with an IQ of 50 or over? Already they are on the lowest educational and social achievement level.

  • WTWizard

    And they want me to believe THIS is worth donating all my silver money to the Worldwide Damnation Fund? I think I would rather pay for a few David Bowie records (at least that David was not corrupt like the one in the damnation book) or Led Zeppelin. Or, once I get their whole discography and not donate anything to the Worldwide Damnation Fund to listen to this rubbish, more silver.

  • waton

    most significant paragraphs. tacid admissions:

    par 13, david memories sealed, possibly never to be opened again

    par 17: it is ok to contribute to a corrupt organisation to prove your worth. yes

    WTwizard, there used to be a song "take my silver and my gold"

    half banana, Noah , preacher, jws know that, Everest covered no kangaroo in Australia 2700 BC. ha ha.


  • waton

    re widow investing in wt hope: wt implies, that the widow might have seen the corruption, money making in the temple, but only Jesus could overturn that, but she still put her money on the temple system. .

    wt wants you to give your last, even if you suspect that the so called "truth" is doomed.

    just in case God does not care for truth, but rewards sincerity, blind faith. .

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