Are they studying the Truth book in Sunday's photo?

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  • berrygerry

    This got buried in a thread, so I'll ask in a new thread.

    In the 2017 convention program is this photo for Sunday. Can someone with better eyes tell me if those are Truth books?

  • NikL

    That's what I see berry.

    As I pointed out in that thread, I think it must be from a drama that maybe takes place in the past?

    Guess we'll have to be there eagerly awaiting the answer!

  • burnedout

    I did a double take when I first saw the photo. A Truth Book!!!

  • waton

    Good thing it is not the you-know - what -brown-colour - "Let God be True--" book. Superior Authorities = J1 and J2 pre flip- flop and "- let every man, (including GB/D&DS), be a liar " book. ha ha

  • stuckinarut2

    The same truth book that contained "truths" such as : "this system ending before the generation of 1914 would die out"?

    Oh, so when Jehovah gave that "truth", he was actually giving out Lies instead? Or was he just having a bad day perhaps?

  • smiddy

    What failed "Truths" are their in "The Truth That Leads To Everlasting Life" ? Wasnt that the book that was to be studied with interested persons for only 6 months ? and then terminated if they weren`t baptised by then ? and you were then to move on to another interested person ? (if you could find one )?


  • MacHislopp

    Hello smiddy and all the others ,tings

    here below the search that you have requested.

    From:the book :

    Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom

    (1993 edition)

    *** jv chap. 8 p. 105 Declaring the Good News Without Letup (1942-1975) ***

    The answer came in 1968 with the release of a new Bible study aid, The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life. This 192-page pocket-size book was prepared with newly interested ones in mind. It contained 22 absorbing chapters dealing with such subjects as “Why It Is Wise to Examine Your Religion,” “Why We Grow Old and Die,” “Where Are the Dead?” “Why Has God Permitted Wickedness Until Our Day?” “How to Identify the True Religion,” and “Building a Happy Family Life.” The Truth book was designed to encourage the Bible student to reason on the material being considered and to apply it in his own life.

    This new publication was to be used in connection with a six-month Bible study program. The September 1968 issue of the Kingdom Ministry explained how the new program would work: “It would be good to try to study a whole chapter of the ‘Truth’ book each week, though this may not be possible with all householders or with all the chapters in the book. . . . If, at the end of six months of intensive study and conscientious efforts to get them to meetings, they are not yet associating with the congregation, then it may be best to use your time to study with someone else who really wants to learn the truth and make progress. Make it your goal to present the good news on Bible studies in such a way that interested ones will act within six months!”

    And act they did! In a short period of time, the six-month Bible study program had astounding success. For the three service years beginning September 1, 1968, and ending August 31, 1971, a total of 434,906 persons were baptized—more than double the number baptized during the previous three service years! Coming as it did at a time when there was a feeling of expectancy and urgency among Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Truth book and the six-month Bible study campaign greatly aided in speeding up the disciple-making work.—Matt. 28:19, 20.



    JC MacHislopp

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    What nauseating language the smug Watchtower writers use: "the answer came" as if from God in the form of the "Truth" book: The Truth Which Leads to Everlasting Life-- what a con!

    Could any less truthful book ever be published?

    As I recall, it made out that the world was going down the tubes anyway by 1975 what with famine and pollution etc, so you might as well give up and join JWs.

    How about the alternative title "Religious Spin which leads to Cult Enslavement"?

    The JW org are proud, yes very proud of their dire history of dissemination of blatant ignorance. I don't know of any one case where a reader got everlasting life... and has anyone noticed that the world did not end in 1975?

  • sir82

    It's all speculation until we see the videos, but....

    It might be an attempt to convey a scene that occurred in the 1960's or 1970's. Something about how the sister used to be so zealous for "the truth" all those years ago, and now isn't, and what happened, etc.

    They did something similar in one of last year's videos. There was a portrayal of a meeting night announcement that "So and so has been disfellowshipped" even though that phrase has not been used for the past 8-10 years. They wanted to convey that "So and so" had been disfellowshipped for a long time.

    It might be a "United in Worship" book, which has the same color. If so, they might be trying to convey a scene from the 80's, but with the same general idea.

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