Fart, Fart

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  • GinnyTosken

    The Buddhists say there are eight winds. They are gain and loss, praise and ridicule, credit and blame, and suffering and joy. If you aren't aware of them, they will blow you away like dry leaves in an autumn breeze. For example, when someone praises you, and that tastes sweet, like candy in your mouth, you are being blown away by the wind of praise.

    One day in ancient China a young man thought he had become enlightened. He wrote a poem to his master about how he was not blown by the eight winds. Then he sent it to his master who lived three hundred miles up the Yangtze River.

    When his master read the poem, he wrote "Fart, Fart" on the bottom and sent it back.

    The more the young man read those words, the more upset he got. At last he decided to visit his master. In those days, a three-hundred-mile trip up the Yangtze River was a very difficult journey.

    As soon as he arrived, he went straight to his master's temple. "Why did you write this? he asked, bowing. "Doesn't this poem show that I am no longer blown about by the eight winds?"

    "You say that you are no longer blown by the eight winds," replied the master, "but two little farts blew you all the way up here."

    What winds are blowing you?

    from Soul Stories by Gary Zukav

    A monk asked Zen Master Tosu, "Am I correct when I understand the Buddha as asserting that all talk, however trivial or derogatory, belongs to ultimate truth?" Master Tosu said, "Yes, you are right." The monk went on, "May I then call you a donkey?" The master hit the monk with a stick.

    from Crazy Wisdom by Wes "Scoop" Nisker

    Gedanken made me do it--he's a rouge element, You Know.

    Back to the jacuzzi with Si and Ona . . .


  • Phil

    I hope this is not too bad for this board. If it is forgive me.

    There are seven farts: Fizz, fuzz, fizzy fuzz, poop, anti-poop, tear arse, blow hole.

    I wonder if Buddha would agree.

  • dustyb

    speaking of fart, i'm in the college silent room right now, and someone is sleeping...but they just blew ass, ack...

  • hillary_step
    speaking of fart, i'm in the college silent room right now, and someone is sleeping...but they just blew ass, ack...

    Proving Ginny, that even life lessons that orient around the multiple expellation of foul air can easily be missed...lol HS

  • Nosferatu

    This has got to be the least inspiring thread that I've read here.

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