"Who will conquer the world in the 1970's?" ....Circuit assembly announced KM July 1970

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  • krismalone

    I found this gem in the Watchtower online library that now goes further back than the year 2000 publications. An extra bit of evidence for those cult members that deny that their Governing Body gods lied to them.

    Even a lapel card was printed for all attendees to wear (see my avatar)

    Kingdom Ministry 1970 July in the announcements section.

    ◆ A new circuit assembly program is scheduled to begin in September. We believe you will find it most informative and upbuilding. The public talk will be “Who Will Conquer the World in the 1970’s?”

  • ElderEtta

    And guess who attended that assembly most of the newbies won't even know who he is


  • Finkelstein

    Ironically the Watchtower Corporation has been a commercialized fraud since the late 1800's , when it stated that 1874 was when Christ was to return and the Great Tribulation was to occur leading toward Armageddon in around 1914.

    The WTS keeps digging up bullshit and people just lap it up like trained puppies.

    Its like they know people are ignorant and gullible and they know by using the bible they can make it all look acceptable and believable.

    And what do you see on JWS street cart stands ... " What the bible really teaches "

    Good grief.

    Creating mind controlled brainwashed sales representatives is what the WTS does to people.

    The WTS creates a tainted commercialized version of the Gospel of Jesus then indoctrinates people to sell it the public like its the "only" truthful version of the Gospel.

    American Charlatanism with a twist.

  • Not_Culty
  • Wakanda

    Thanks Kris.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    LOL, I was at that assembly. What a joke.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    Yes, the time left is URGENT! (Except when it is not)

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I remember that name tag. I was 16 at the time, my parents and I just moved to FL and we went to the convention in Fort Lauderdale FL. One of the main talks and demonstration was on how bad masterbation was. I laugh at it now but I had know idea what they was talking about because I didn't know what the word masterbation meant. I knew it by another name. LOL. Still Totally ADD

  • JaniceA

    My earliest childhood memories are the late 60s and more so the early 70s. This crap is etched in my consciousness.

    I think others were having more fun in that era than little JWs who had an awareness that loved ones would soon be destroyed.

    My worst memory of 1972 should be polyester and gas lines -which I liked because until we moved practically next door to the hall, we missed a lot of meetings. Poverty paid off!

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