WTS: Charitable Gift Annuity Registrant

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  • Nosferatu

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Can someone explain exactly what this is? If you scroll down near the bottom of the list, there's the WTS. WTF?

  • dustyb

    The Iowa Insurance Division supervises all insurance business transacted in the state, including health maintenance organizations and mutual hospital and health service corporations. The insurance commissioner grants permission to companies wishing to sell insurance in Iowa and has general control over all aspects of their business, from the forms they use to the rates they charge. The commissioner also serves as the administrator of the securities act which involves the licensing of brokerage firms and their agents, examining new securities offerings and investigating investment fraud cases.

    thats what the Iowa Insurance Division is about.....but i think that they also donate lots of money for influence and stuff like that...kinda like having insurance salesmen =) but iono, i'm just taking a guess

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