Was king David condemned for having a soft spot for absalom

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  • poopie

    Whadya think

  • blondie

    Absalom's sister Tamar was raped by their half-brother Amnon but nothing happened to Amnon under the law, so Absalom killed him. Why didn't David act in this case, how could he not know what had happened with all the servants/slaves that served in the royal family's abode? Could David had felt a little guilty he did not stand up.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Yes, by Joab, in 2Sam 19:5,6.

  • blondie

    By Absalom's order...possibly because he Joah knew Amnon deserved death under the law

  • poopie

    So did Jehovah agree with joab?

  • freddo

    A soft spot for Absalom? Why would David be condemned for that?

    He wasn't condemned for having a "hard spot" for Bathsheba was he? Who suffered for that little episode? Her husband did and of course the baby that lingered to death for a week at the hands of Jehovah.

  • Vidiot

    Maybe Dave saw a little of himself in the boy. :unamused:

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