How were the holiday's first condemned?

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    Does anyone have copies of the literature between 1920 and 1940 as these seem to be the years for most of the drastic changes. It was posted the other day why Mother's day was first condemned which is found in the Book Vindication.

    How were the other's first condemned? It seems they usually tainted the holidays at a later date with pagan origins by digging to find something incriminating to back up their initial banning of the holiday.

    What about?

    Birthdays , Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father's day, Valentine's day, New years. How did they word it in the first official publication to ban these.

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    Where are you onacruise with the research data

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    Oh, yeah, sure...just a little 5-minute homework assignment! LOL

    I'll see what I can come up with...but I'll betcha blondie sees this and has all the stuff right at her fingertips And there're prob some links on, or, among others.

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    For 47 years the WTS celebrated Christmas even knowing the date was not accurate. This demonstrates their ability to put their own reasoning ahead of "scriptural" wisdom. Notice that it was 2 years later than an official talk was given "enlightening" the others.

    Proclaimers book chap. 14 pp. 198-199 "They Are No Part of the World"

    When Jehovah?s Witnesses cast aside religious teachings that had pagan roots, they also quit sharing in many customs that were similarly tainted. But for a time, certain holidays were not given the careful scrutiny that they needed. One of these was Christmas.

    This holiday was celebrated yearly even by members of the Watch Tower Society?s headquarters staff at the Bethel Home in Brooklyn, New York. For many years they had been aware that December 25 was not the correct date, but they reasoned that the date had long been popularly associated with the birth of the Savior and that doing good for others was proper on any day. However, after further investigation of the subject, the members of the Society?s headquarters staff, as well as the staffs at the Society?s branch offices in England and in Switzerland, decided to stop sharing in Christmas festivities, so no Christmas celebration was held there after 1926.

    R. H. Barber, a member of the headquarters staff who made a thorough investigation of the origin of Christmas customs and the fruitage that these were yielding, presented the results in a radio broadcast. That information was also published in The Golden Age of December 12, 1928. It was a thorough exposé of the God-dishonoring roots of Christmas

    yb75 p. 147 United States of America (Part Two)

    Yes, in those earlier days, dedicated Christians commemorated birthdays. Well, then, why not celebrate the supposed birthday of Jesus? This they also did for many years. In Pastor Russell?s day, Christmas was celebrated at the old Bible House in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Ora Sullivan Wakefield recalls that Brother Russell gave members of the Bible House family five- or ten-dollar gold pieces at Christmas. Mabel P. M. Philbrick remarks: "A custom that certainly would not be carried on today was the celebration of Christmas with a Christmas tree in the Bethel dining room. Brother Russell?s usual ?Good morning, all? was changed to ?Merry Christmas, all.?"

    What caused the Bible Students to stop celebrating Christmas? Richard H. Barber gave this answer: "I was asked to give an hour talk over a [radio] hookup on the subject of Christmas. It was given December 12, 1928, and published in The Golden Age #241 and again a year later in #268. That talk pointed out the pagan origin of Christmas. After that, the brothers at Bethel never celebrated Christmas again."

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    What is deceptive is that the very same research reveals the Pagan origin of many Jesus stories in the NT. It is simply imposible to have researched Mithras' and Attis' (et al) connection to Xmas without learning the rest.

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