he spoke not of the org but like friends

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    the mole

    if many of you remember my cuz had decided to go back to the meetings but we had a beer this saturday and we had a chance to talk. he told me when he get reinstated he will never go back again..i asked him why even bother. ..his answer was the same as before that the stigma placed on him by his family was to much.. his wife being recently baptised was forced on her because her family told her they would treat like a d.f person if she didnt make a choice..the girl is 28 but still under her mothers thumb...but my cuz said he rejected many of the teaching and is a jw in name only....so many are in name only but afraid to reject the lie..i told my cuz never call it the truth again but only a cult like group would name it such to mask the white washed grave where the hide...we talked for hours about it and he did say he had seen so much false and two faced people he couldnt believe why his dad and grandfather are so willing to toss him out like garbage if he didnt go back..i told him this was the last only way to keep under control because without it they had no power....his brother showed up and my cuz jeff also said the same that he disagreed with alot of stuff they did..they were born into it like i was but are afraid of rejection...i know of so many who think and feel as they do but say nothing because they have no where to go...if they had the chance without pain the org would lose at least 40% of their following in a year...the mole

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    It is emotional blackmail, plain and simple. (((Mole))), it's their "game", with their players and their rules. If a person wants to play the game, the stakes are high. There are also "under the table" ethics that prevail, and rules that aren't even known until one agrees to play. One is still expected to stay in the game no matter what. Isn't that rather rediculous when you stand back and view the scene independent of participation?

    It is ultimately a personal choice. They don't have power unless one gives it to them freely. I send you my love and compassion. We just have no control over anyone else.


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