What could/would you do --what could/would you not do?

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  • stillajwexelder

    If a magic wand was waved, and everyone who has DA?d DF?d fallen away or whatever was allowed to go back into a KH with no questions asked, no announcement of reinstatement ? just welcomed back, what could/would you still (want to or otherwise) do and what would you not. For me IT IS

    COULD STILL DO (want to do)

    • Talks on the school (depends on the material)
    • A presentation (bible not WT/Awake) on the Service Meeting
    • A Public Talk
    • Answer up on certain questions on the Watchtower ? BUT NOT parroting what was written in the paragraph
    • Go on the ministry using the BIBLE NOT the WT/Awake
    • Give a very upbuilding talk about how well everybody was doing without ever using the phrase we could/must do MORE, MORE , MORE

    COULD NOT DO (NOT want to do)

    • Sit on a Judicial Committee
    • Announce any Judicial judgment
    • Parrot any prepared answer from a bookstudy/Kingdom Ministry/WT etc.
    • Shun or not talk to anybody
    • Give any talk about money raising
  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    not sure if i understand it completely

    but ... Absolutely nothing, i have no interest of desire, or have any good memories of the Kingdom Hall, the Watchtower has ruined my family and made a mess out of our lives, would it of been better without the Watchtower in our lives, no one knows, but i would sure like to find out.

    Maybe if you feel this way and love god, you should open your mind up, and search out a new religion, just a thought.

  • Sunnygal41

    Still, nothing they have in the KH is of the least interest to me.........as far as what they teach. I would love to have some of them as friends, again, and of course, be able to talk with my family, but, I have NO wish to go back and become their mindless drone ever again.............


  • Sassy

    Yeah that is where I am. I left on purpose. True I have done things since they could discipline me for... but I do them because I am now free to do them..

    I don't want to go back for any reason. Things would have to change and hypocrasy gone before I would.

  • kls

    That is quite a tongue twister,i would take the wond and smash it so the jws don't have a second chance to recruit or hurt these people anymore. KLS

  • Special K
    Special K

    WEll Stillajwelder.

    I couldn't go back unless you could completely erase all the pain and hurt I felt during my exit and all the time after.

    It continually will be like a sore on my butt and when I sit just a certain way.. it sends a pain right up my spine.

    The thought of going back (even with a magic wand wave).. is like the sound of chalk being screeched down over the blackboard.... it hurts my psyche !!


    Special K

  • darkuncle29

    Exactly what I'm doing now. Live out my life as a recovering JW. Not shunning any JWs or being shunned.

  • dh

    i could still do (want to do)all the cute jw chicks

    i could not do (do not not not want to do)
    elders wives

    it wasn't me!!!

  • stillajwexelder

    i could not do (do not not not want to do)
    elders wives

    I might -- just for the sake of the lovely scandal it wopuld cause -- it is the bad boy in me!!

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