Draw close to Jehovah.

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  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    My parents sent me this book in the mail, I actually was hoping it would be some valiums or vicodans but it was a society book called "Draw close to Jehovah". with a heart wrentching letter from my mother to return to the "truth".

    I have read a few pages of this book, started from the begining, and I haven't read no society pulications for at least over 10 years. I have found no new information in this book except for a few personal viewpoints, like the mentioning of Jehovah having been alive for BILLIONS of years.

    Why do folks stay in organization for so many years, like my beloved Mother and Father?

    Does it really take going to Bethel for a year and seeing the true light of this corporation to open your eyes? Or are we in this board just blessed with an extra vision or feeling about phoniness?

  • JamesThomas
    Why do folks stay in organization for so many years, like my beloved Mother and Father?

    Hey forty, here is a good article "Why bad beliefs don't die", that may help shed a little light on your question.


  • Singing Man
    Singing Man

    James, your a cool dude my friend, this Buds for you:

  • somebodylovesme

    I have asked this as a non-Witness and this is all I can come up with.

    - It's so comforting. The individual Witness doesn't have to worry or ask questions (supposedly)... everything is taken care of for them... They can just sit back, relax, go to meetings, go out on service, and their eternity is taken care of.

    - A built-in social life - I think this is a big part of any religion.

    - They feel "special" because the religion is so distinct from any others.

    - Brainwashing, pure and simple. Repetitive language, strategic pictures, threats, and a black-and-white mentality are cultivated.

    - It may be all they know. Look at how much people on this board have lost -- in the back of Witnesses' minds, I think, is the realization that if they leave, they could lose everything, from family to "salvation". That might not be conscious, but it's there, and it reinforces the beliefs out of self-preservation.

    Just my two cents worth.


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