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  • plmkrzy

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    You know...Tom Bosley at 3 in the morning recruting people to sell merchandise purchased through them?

    Any body here try it? I'm thinking about it. I'm looking for some opinions or prior expierence that any one would like to share. It costs about 500.00 to enroll even though they advertise it as 39.95 enrollment. It is 39.95 but they left out that its 39.95 a month for 9 months plus shipping. They tell you that when you call them and get the full pitch on the phone.

  • somebodylovesme


    Run, run, as fast as you can... it is no good.

    My family tried it... sold NOTHING - the stuff is CRAP. You could get it at the dollar store and resell it and make a whole lot more. No one will buy it for what they want to charge - been there, done that.

    Just my two cents!


  • plmkrzy

    LOL! Thanks somebody for you your input.

    I just don't know anybody who has ever bought into this program and so never heard anything either way good or bad.

    I did pay the 39.95 for the first payment so I could get into the warehouse, then quickly CANCELLED MY MEMBERSHIP! It was amazing to find everything that I wanted from the catalog was OUT OF STOCK/NOT AVAILABLE/DISCONTINUED and the only things to pick from was....well, CRAP! You're correct about the dollar store stuff is equivalent to what they had to offer. VERY disappointing. Thought I was gonna be rich. hahaha...not .

    So in the end I was only stuck with a loss of 15.00 for shipping charges and didn't even get to see what was not yet shipped. (membership kit)

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