Meal at Bethel

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  • Listener

    An ex Bethelite has made a video about the food that was provided at HQ's.

    Towards the end he talks about the new arrangements with the cutbacks.

    For breakfast if you had served a certain amount of time at Bethel or were old enough you could choose whether you wanted to attend breakfast/morning worship or not. First year Bethels were made to attend to ensure they were watching the morning worship. For the rest they provided a pantry where you could get food for free and was laden, paradise style, with plenty of food. Imagine being able to have sausages, eggs and bacon every morning, not that you would but it would be very tempting.

    The Youtuber said there was so much food available it was possible to invite your congregation over for a BBQ and feed them on the Watchtower's dime.

    There is no food served at all on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Lunch is served, cafeteria style for most of the Bethelites except for the Governing Body and other 'heavies' who are waited on. So much for wanting special attention or being humble. They really are low when they have directed others to serve themselves and not others in the same room. Why wait 'til you die and go to heaven to be a King when you can order to be treated like one now.

  • john.prestor

    The Governing Body casts a long shadow. For all their humble words, they sure enjoy a haughty life.

  • pale.emperor

    Remember that photo that went viral with JWs of Tony Morris washing a cup? And the captions were "oh he's so humble!"

    Washing a f***ing cup? What's so special about that?

  • Roddy

    I really liked his experience. All his talk about how good the food was for him made me terribly hungry. HA!

  • JW_Researcher

    Of all the challenges I faced at Bethel (Brooklyn, early 1980s), food was certainly not one of them.

    Food was great! As a married couple, we would 'glean' and use the Thomas' English Muffins (abundant in the commissary) and was all good.

  • john.prestor

    pale.emperor, I didn't see that but I want to. Do you have a link?

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