Similarities between Best Buy (USA) and WTS

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  • dustyb

    I used to work at Best Buy (an electronics retailer in the USA) and i thought about it today. not so much working there, but how you got paid. used to if you were an electronic salesman at BBY you got paid on commission, but in 1996 the policy changed. in 1996 employees started to get paid by the hour, and the company said that it was for the benefit of the customers. but what BBY didn't tell the employees was that they were paying commissions out the ass to all the employees because they were so good, and they didn't have enough money to pay sony off (hundreds of millions of dollars). so they had to switch to hourly to save money and pay off sony. It was also part of a settlement in a lawsuit that BBY couldn't operate on commission anymore.

    The reason why it reminds me of the WTS is because everyone here knows they used to sell their literature door to door. then i also remember a lawsuit that enacted a sales tax on anything that was distributed and sold door to door like the WTS done.

    Question: What is the quickest way to get around paying taxes to the US government? Take a second...another second..ok

    Answer: DONATIONS!! every single donation is a tax-defferred exchange, which means you save millions of dollars, literally.

    Now I know that the WTS doesn't get as much money through donations as it did when it sold literature, but you still save in the long run because you have paperwork to fill out if you haves sales tax, which takes lawyers and more stamps, etc etc, and the cost keeps on piling up.

    What my big point is, would have to be GREED.

    We had a talk this morning about loving god and loving thy neighbors and stuff like that, and that Jehovah's Christians Witnesses are no part of the world etc etc etc. then he listed off some characteristics of "the wicked system of things", then listed off characteristics of "JW's", but when he was listing for "the wicked system of things", GREED was one of those characteristics listed.....

    ok, this topic makes no sense, but at least it wasted my time, hehe

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    Ok, when I saw the topic of this thread I wondered how in the heck is a Best Buy like a Watchtower Society? But after reading your analogy, I can easily see the comparison. Yes, the whole thing I'm sure started out as a way to keep from losing money (for the WTBS and BB) but I'm also quite sure that shortly after, both institutions realized the profits that stood to be made. I guess necessity IS the mother of invention.

    Your observation is quite accurate.

    I do have one question though. Why in blazes are you STIL going to the K. Hall?


  • heathen

    It seems like jehovahs chariot like organization is pretty good at tax avoidance . I think tho it was always pretty much a donation thing I mean you start out with paying 25 cents for the mag but in the end if you persue the religion you wind up investing alot more than that .

  • r51785

    Yeah, but at Best Buy you can get a cool DVD burner. Try getting one of those at the Kingdom Hall!

  • bebu

    Also, I think you can at least get some kind of guarantee on the products you buy at Best Buy.

    "Where is the complaint dept. for the WT? I think that Armageddon malfunctioned, and I want my $ back."


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