Why I love Simon?s board

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  • cyberguy

    Well, I just want to express my feelings for all the time I?ve spent here over the years; it has greatly helped me "heal," spiritually speaking! A number of posts here, have been simply incredible! Yes, I?ve made errors in judgement in my own posts, and monitors have posted emails to me, correctly pointing out that I should be careful in putting too many details that could potentially harm someone (this of late!). And I appreciate this!

    Over there years, I?ve come to appreciate the diverse backgrounds of people here. And how wonderful you all are, in all your diverse personalities! I wish we could have a grand meet-up, an x-JW, international assembly? OK, maybe this won?t happen, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for everyone here! Especially, Simon, for creating this board in the first place! I don?t believe there?s been any other chat-room that has come even close to the number of postings/traffic as is here! Please correct me if I?m wong!

    And may all you fine people find peace and happiness, contentment, in your search for God and Truth!


  • Gopher

    I agree that this is a great place to visit and discuss things. And like you say, some of the information and viewpoints found here are just great!

    This board has been a great catalyst for my transition from the rigid, narrow views of life and people to a more open way of thinking and accepting.

    We have freedom now to "move about" and try various ideas on for size. We are free to disagree, challenge each other's thoughts and grow.

    And we all come to our own "truth", not one that's pre-digested or pre-cooked with every hard question having some simple "theocratic" answer. It's not easy thinking for oneself, but it's a helluva lot more rewarding than being a drone.

    Like someone said in a classic post, "I'd rather have questions I can't answer than answers I can't question."

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