Building on WT sand?

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  • Narkissos

    A number of posts by recent and old members of JWD (I won't mention names) struck me as being only variants of the typical WT-stuff involving prophecies or chronology, based on mystical revelation and/or intensive personal study of the Bible. Generally those posters did not adhere to any other church, nor went through the academic cursus of theological and biblical studies. They seem to be quite lonely with their "truth", still persevere in it with remarkable consistency. They also seem to be mostly nice and intelligent people.

    As much as I usually avoid such discussions, they do make me think: why do some people quickly build a personal doctrine in the vicinity of the WT, at times elaborating and defending it for years under the scorn of nearly everybody else, instead of taking the time to question those shaky foundations until they find some solid, or at least common ground? Psychological factors are certainly involved.

    Why didn't I follow the same course when leaving the WT? Looking back, I am most grateful for the periods of my life when I had to stop talking (or writing) and instead listen (or read). When I went from pioneering to Bethel, for example, or from a church context to a theological faculty, then to a very technical Bible edition work. Those changes in my life, which were never what I dreamt of, refrained my personal propension to build syntheses on shaky foundations. Of course the amount of silly things I have said since my JW period is enormous, and I'm probably still saying many silly things (but of course I can't know which now). Still I think, being obliged to shut up and listen, especially when you don't feel like it, is a great blessing in the long run.

  • Leolaia

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that while one is being indoctrinated by the Org, WTS teaching comprises a Theory of Everything -- a paradigm with which to view the world, where it is going, and one's place in the world. Some leave the Org to some other elaborate system of thought, but more commonly we retain assumptions, beliefs, and approaches to the Bible and "this system of things". Those who indulge in prophetic speculation inherit their interest and methodology from the WTS but develop what they feel to be superior (whether viewed as more biblically "accurate," chronologically accurate, systematically elegant, etc.) interpretations -- and like the WTS (especially if somewhat emotionally disturbed) may view themselves as having some special insight as the real F&DS or prophet or faith. It's a process that goes back to a young man named C. T. Russell who felt he had special God-given insight into the errors of Adventist prophetic speculation, and goes further to William Miller and beyond into the hazy past.

  • Brownboy

    Hello all,

    I agree that the WTS has incorrectly interpreted prophecy, and I don't care to do the same. However, there is a need to look further into the aspect of the wild beast. I have some questions for those who responded. Who are the holy ones that are conquered for forty two months? What group of people is hated by all the nations? What group of people has betrayed one another, and turned against each other, if not the people of the Middle East. The United States is the sole world power currently ruling, and are the seventh power to have an effect on the people in the holy land. The 911 attack was a death stroke to this nation, or to the wild beast. It is very peculiar to know that Resolution 666 commenced the 107th congress. That United Nations Resolution 666 was part of the resolutions to authorize war. President Bush Senior started the Iraq war in 1991, walked away from it, and his son is finishing it, which is very similar to the way the Romans attacked Jerusalem. Does this fit? (the one who is, but is not, and will yet be present). President Bush celebrated the 216 anniversay of the U.S. Constitution (6x6x6=216) The United States finally went to war under resolution 1441. Also, they started off with a flag of seven stars, and the british started with the letter X, or roman numeral 10. The U.S. constitution has seven articles, ten bill of rights, and 27 amendments. I am not a numerologist and don't subscribe to it, but these are all numbers depicting the wild beast.

    586 B.C.E. is agreed upon for the invasion of Jerusalem, however the Temple might have been destroyed in 585 B.C.E. because Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple later. There was an eclipse predicted by Thales in 585 B.C.E. and I am trying to find a corresponding time to fit with 586-585 B.C.E. to verify. There was another solar eclipse in 1999 and also the alignment of the plants occured. Thereafter earthquakes have been reported beginning with the one in Turkey, and many repeated in one place after another. Take time to study your bible and equate it with historic facts. I for one will follow Jehovah even after leaving an organization, after all we have to put trust in God and not in man...........Have a nice Day


  • shotgun

    Brownboy you gave us a good example for narkissos thread.

    Welcome to the forum BTW BB

  • logansrun

    Well, I have calculated the end of the Gentile Times to this year's Superbowl and the bareing of Janet Jackson's breast...

  • Love_Truth

    Since I am new here, but not new at all to theology, or the JWs, I will not provide a complete answer to your question- YET. In time (a week or two, I will put together, based on my observations, what needs to be said in this forum. In other words, I will elaborate on these points then

    For now, I will say this-

    There are many ways that one can attempt to come to know God. Here is the path I believe to yield the greatest revelation, knowledge of God, and the best shot at salvation:

    -Belief that the Bible, and ONLY the Bible, is the inspitred word of God.

    -Belief that the New Testament provides all neccesary "core" rules and principles.

    -Belief that the Old Testament provides insight on God's thinking, as well as clarification for ideologies presented in the New Testament.

    -Belief that a small percentage of what is written in the New Testament are "rules", that much of what is written is subject to individual interpretation.

    -That personal faith in God, along with the praticing of the Fruits of the Spirit, prayer, Study, and challenging your beliefs with others is neccessary for continued growth and understanding.

    I could go on, but I'll get to that, as promised within a few weeks, and post it here. For now (I've been here one day), I see few posts that seriously provide a basis for discussion of faith, salvation, and the nature of God and his purpose. I hope to provide such, within the context of what I've stated above.

    God Bless.

  • shotgun

    Holy cow Love_Truth... if I looked at your avatar as I read that statement it was Jean-Luc exactly

    Since I am new here, but not new at all to theology, or the JWs, I will not provide a complete answer to your question- YET. In time (a week or two, I will put together, based on my observations, what needs to be said in this forum. In other words, I will elaborate on these points then

    Well said...make it so

  • logansrun

    Loves Truth,

    You forgot:

    Belief in metaphysical crap.

    There. That's more like it.


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