The Pharisaical Persuasion

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    The Pharisaical Persuasion by Stephane Maillet

    The Jews searched the Scriptures daily because they thought salvation was within themselves. They knew the law yet interpreted the text to their desires, burdening the people with heavy traditions and ordinances. They did these things through their academic prestige and charm; they went to the "right Bible school." These were known in the community as the religious leaders trusted and obeyed; they had made themselves to be the gatekeepers. They controlled the people and hated anyone who tried to remove their intimidation, hence their murderous plots against Jesus.

    If you give Devils enough time, they'll have you believing clearly written Bible verses don't mean what they so plainly teach. The purpose behind the agenda is to have us dependent on the Pharisees, which is to have us controlled and incapable of trusting our minds. These manipulators can captivate us into various divisive errors and bitter behaviours. They love the praise of men, and they love your money; pride is their conductor. They will put out the faithful and devour the idle. They will take meticulous time to infiltrate your life and befriend you for their advantage. We do not speak of those commonly known to be outside but of those since crept in unnoticed: evil workers.

    Dear friends, God gave us accountable and independent thought. We can see the truth without any Tyrant being the key holder; we need no "judges." Try reaching out to humble and credible souls for questions; some good brethren love Jesus and will love you. Open the Bible and begin to read; read slowly without distraction, and take the time to soak in the context. You will be significantly fascinated by the information that has since been withheld from you. The pure Gospel will liberate you from all toxic individuals and beliefs if you receive it humbly.

    Does "The Pharisaical Persuasion" remind you of anyone?

  • EasyPrompt
    "Does "The Pharisaical Persuasion" remind you of anyone?"

    Yeah, the WTBT$, the Catholic Church, the clergy of every church for that matter, Robert King/"E-Watchman", Eric Wilson/Meloti"Beroean Pickets", anybody on a website who asks for a "donation to help with the work of the Lord"..."The Pharisaical Persuasion"

    "Now the Pharisees, who were money lovers, were listening to all these things, and they began to sneer at him. So he said to them: “You are those who declare yourselves righteous before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is considered exalted by men is a disgusting thing in God’s sight."

  • TD

    "Jew" is an ethnicity.

    "Judaism" is the religion.

    The author knows very little about either

  • EasyPrompt

    I don't know the author, and I cannot vouch for his knowledgeability on Jewish history, but it appears the author was using the phrase "pharisaical persuasion" to describe religious hypocrites.

    If the author's point was to warn believers against religious hypocrites, that was accomplished in the excerpt provided.

    ""But watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Then they grasped that he said to watch out, not for the leaven of bread, but for the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees."

    Jesus wasn't just preaching to literal Jews about literal Jews. His words were for us today too, and the "Pharisees" are figurative. (How many of us today know any literal Pharisees?) God is Our Father. We don't need some clergy class to stand in between us.

    "For by him we have life and move and exist, even as some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also his children.'"

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