Williams sisters still preaching

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  • Mulan

    This was in our newspaper today:

    "Jehovah's Witnesses Venus and Serena Williams still proselytize their faith, but the tennis stars now do so by phone instead of going door-to-door, Serena told Newsweek. Why the change? People would ask the superstar sisters to sign their Bibles."

  • stillajwexelder

    I would not be bothered about Serena signing my bible -- I would like to be suffocated in her ample chest!! What a wonderful way to die

  • maxwell

    Yes, the utility of the sports bra becomes evident.

  • jimbob

    Can you just imagine someone answering the phone and the William sisters introducing themselves. I think most people are going to hang up on them thinking it's some kind of prank call. Besides, I have a hard time believing they do much witnessing at all, especially by phone. They might call from there cell phones while in their limo going from their hotel to the the tennis court. But I'm sure they only get in an hour and write down 20 on their time slips, just like all other dubs....

  • ofcmad

    Are they also preaching from the teachings of revlon and wilson?

  • cruzanheart

    Yes, but what are they WEARING when they do telephone witnessing? One of Serena's creations? Designer duds? C'mon, People magazine wants to know!

    Nina (of the Fashionista class)

  • simplesally

    And what's their response when asked why it was okay to run around the tennis court holding the American Flag?

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    I wonder, while they are between phone calls do they hold the latest issues of the Watchtower and Awake in plastic magazine holders?

    The Borg is sinking to amazing new lows.

  • Azalo

    at least they havent let the JW's ruin their career, it will be a sad day when they announce they are retiring to go pioneer where "the need is greater"

  • Sentinel

    I'm just so confused. How were they allowed to get so involved in worldly stuff in the first place? Can they have their cake and eat it too? Doesn't seem fair, considered how the dreams and talents of others were trashed....According to the rules of the JW's that I associated with, they should never have gotten this celebrity status. But you see, this is just another example of how the rules are applied unfairly.


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