My love affair has ended

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  • DJS

    JRK, Great OP!

    Convertibles!!! I'm on my 4th. The list:

    BMW Z3: Quite simply the best car I've ever owned. After 10 years I sold it for $4k less than I paid for it. Garaged and covered, used for maneuvering switchback and 'other' curves. Red. Fast, nimble, low, wide, heavy. A classic roadster. It was showroom quality when I sold it.

    BMW Z4: Black on black. Beast of an engine. If you like the feel of G forces when you punch the pedal, this car delivers. Lots. And yes, I punched it often. NOT an improvement over the Z3. The most uncomfortable and ergonomically deficient car I've ever owned. Kept it only one year.

    Mercedes SL500: Black on black. Beautiful car. But it is the stereotype SL: after a few years it becomes a money pit. Every 3 months I was spending $1200 on something. Didn't matter what it was. Everything cost at least $1200 to fix on an SL, even a broken visor. Mercedes road side service and service repair is the best I've ever experienced. Klaus makes a damned fine engine, but otherwise the German engineering we hear so much about lacks forethought. I should NOT have to remove the firewall and the engine to replace a compressor - one of the highest fail rate parts in a car.

    BMW 328i. Current car - got it because it is a mechanical hard top convertible with a back seat. I got tired of rag tops due to the noise, replacement, etc. Beautiful car. Not as powerful as the Z4, as nimble as the Z3 or the wow factor of the SL, but it does everything well. Now that I no longer have a GF with a kid I'm seriously considering going back to a 2 seater. The SL (siren's song) keeps calling out to me. I love the Cayman and the 911, but they have the same issues as the SL. Money pits. I'm trying to keep just one car after having a toy for so long, so this limits my choices.

  • sparky1

    new boy.......................................I am so jealous. My MOPAR is anemic compared to your muscle car. The LeBaron is a 3.0L V-6 5 speed but is not even in the same class as your baby. I can't get it to top 120 mph even on the highway. But it is a great Summer cruiser.

  • JRK

    I had a few smiles today watching her be driven. She has been lonely the past five years since I needed to use the other car for my infirmed mother, that could hold either a walker or wheelchair easily.

    I am glad she is getting a workout.


  • OnTheWayOut
    stan livedeath

    we all need a convertable in our lives

    Yeah, mine is silver. I love it.

  • WingCommander

    Above: Porsche has come A LONG way. Try the Boxster or Cayman, you won't regret it. Have very high Consumer Reports reviews for satisfaction and quality.

  • Bugbear

    You are all wrong. Here is the only car...Volvo P1800...and it is also swedish..

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