JWs Harass their old members

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    While I am presently under training, I was looking at the definition of harassment in the work place according to the Ontario (Canada) Government and found that, among the listed items, some of these could very well apply to the JWs!

    • Preventing a person from expressing himself or herself: yelling at the person; threatening; constantly interrupting that person; prohibiting the person from speaking to others.
    • Making rude, degrading or offensive remarks.
    • Discrediting the person by spreading malicious gossip or rumours, ridiculing him/her, humiliating him/her, calling into question his/her convictions or his/her private life, shouting abuse at him/her.
    • Isolating the person by no longer talking to him or her, denying or ignoring his or her presence, distancing him or her from others.
    • Destabilizing the person by making fun of his or her beliefs, values, political and/or religious choices, and mocking his or her weak points.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Of course, this is illegal in the workplace, but not within a religious affiliation.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    My point is that whether it is legal or not within a religious affiliation, it is nonetheless harassment.

    Government recognize this in the work environment and I believe that, with adequate lobby, it could also be recognized at with religion.

  • krismalone


    I was also in a training for my job and a class I attended was about harrassment. I was thinking the exact same thing you were thinking....that JW's harass their members!

    The Company I work for has a specific procedure to report harassment and emotional abuse even if it implicates those in authority. The Watchtower tells their members to just obey and if offended or harassed ....drop it and don't talk about it.

    I thought it was very interesting that "worldly" companies have more respect for the opinions, dignity and feelings of others than the Watchtower Organization.

  • schnell

    Old members? How about their present members who are harassed into pioneering and judged if they don't?

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    I was called a bastard by one of my carers later she apologized I said don't be sorry you paid me a compliment cause you see me as a real person not simply a job that needs to be done we're good friends now steph if I may call you that the title of your thread could be considered harrasement of JW'S PUT a do in front of it pose it as a question rather than a statement of fact that can simply be dismissed as biased criticism or persecution OR excused GB member Jackson style well we're not as bad as the Catholics

  • Vidiot

    I've actually heard of JWs getting disciplined by their BOEs for harassing XJWs who left of their own volition.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Luo bou to: Though I am bias against the JWs, I also do my best to remain factual. The title of this thread is not presented as a question as their behavior towards XJWs is clearly identified as harassment.

    I believe that any honest JW will willingly recognize (at least to themselves), that

    1) JWs who do not agree with particular teachings must “wait on Jehovah” by keeping their thoughts to themselves.

    2) JWs continually make rude, degrading and offensive remarks concerning XJWs

    3) JWs regularly gossip, ridicule, humiliate and call into questions the motives of XJWs who have left based on principles.

    4) JWs shun XJWs

    5) The Watchtower organizes and enforces these behaviors through publications, media and religious discipline.

    JWs call these things “discipline”, in a matter that can be interchanged with “punishment”, that is, causing suffering, pain, or loss that serves as retribution.

    Well, stating that JWs “harass” their (old) members is simply defining what their “discipline” or “punishment” actually is. In the old days, punishment was stoning people to death. Now a days, it is form of harassment.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    wrong thread... this comment should be deleted

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