"How Did You Come to the Conclusion That Your God Is Moral If You Can't Make a Moral Judgement."

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  • WeatherLover

    I love the Atheist Experience show on YouTube! I just re-watched this video and it's one of my favorites.


  • Fisherman

    Well, if you buy something and use it outside the parameters it was designed for, it is going to break. You are free to use it however you like but you did not designed it, someone else did.

    Why are things the way they are? They just are. Someone else's baby, not yours.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Wow....that blows my mind!

    How do you know someone else has a perfect measuring tape, if you yourself can't tell a foot from an inch?

    You only have that other person's claim to go on. Their measuring tape may be as bad as yours....or worse.

    We have to go on the results then.

    Results for God:

    • Kills everyone with a devitating opinion. Killing to be escalated 'soon' in Armageddon.
    • Allow slavery and objectification of women and children.
    • Did not use his power or knowledge to cure disease, stop famine, improve living conditions.

    Results for humans:

    • Slowly but steadily moving away from absolute rulership to societies where devitating opinions are respected and seen as valuable. Diversity becomes accepted and even celebrated.
    • Abolished legal slavery almost everywhere. Working hard to decrease 'modern' slavery.
    • Promote respect for women and children as people, not being in subjection to or owned by men.
    • Work together to slowly but steady improve living conditions for all, cure diseases and decrease famine and poverty.

    Well....my measuring tape may be crooked or off....but I'll take the human results any day!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Well, if you buy something and use it outside the parameters it was designed for, it is going to break. You are free to use it however you like but you did not designed it, someone else did.

    What if a knife manufacturer wrote in his manual that you have to stab a human being with the knife at least once a week?

    We're not talking consumer goods here. We're talking morality.
    If you try to equate human beings with consumer products, you are simplifying the discussion way too much.

    If a creator wrote in his instruction manual* for human beings 'kill unbelievers, even if it is your own child', would that be morally good? Why, or why not?

    If he said "slavery is ok, as long as you don't beat your slaves to death and release Jewish male slave every after many years", would that instruction be morally good? Why, or why not?


    *) side note: if the Bible is supposed to be an instruction manual for human beings or life, it is hands down the worst manual ever! It has no decent and full description or explanation of the product, it is not arranged by topic, it has no FAQ, no trouble shooting guide, no safety instructions, no warranty. Many ambiguous and unclear statements. Some of the advice is contradicted by other advice. Nobody knows how to read this damn thing. Apparently we need priests, a Pope, LDS Living Prophets or a JW Governing Body to interpret and explain how this manual should be read? What a joke! Even those badly translated manuals for cheap ass Chinese toys, with incomprehensible and too tiny pictures are way better...

  • C0ntr013r

    Even if we buy the premiss 'that God decides what is moral', It turns into an infinite regress. What objective standard is god using; what objective standard is the thing based upon that god is using etc...

    And if the answer is 'logic' or 'pragmatism', then why do we need God for morality?

    Where did God get his morals? Why is Gods opinions on morality better than mine? Or is he always right because he is God? (circular reasoning)

    Also, I don't agree with atheists that believe in objective morality.

  • venus

    Video is right in saying God need not be our moral guide. Even Jesus said we are endowed with moral sense and are capable of deciding what is good for us (Mathew 7:12)

    People enjoy gossiping, but they resist when they are being gossiped which means we know what is good and what is bad.

    We also know what action of others make us happy or sorrowful which means we also know how we should act towards others.

    We also know how to display various type of behaviour. For example, we go to one office. We treat the security personnel one way, receptionist another way, guide another way, and adopt a totally different way with CEO of the company.

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