Gods Government should reside in Beth Sarim

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    AWAKE! According to this Watchtower prophecy proclaimed since 1929 by the 2nd director of Jehovahs Witnesses J.F. Rutherford - name-giver of "Jehovahs witnesses" - actually Gods government or Gods kingdom should have its earthly visible presence located in San Diego California.

    As most Jehovahs witnesses are forbidden to read this information here on internet please inform all Jehovahs witnesses you know but secretly about this scandalizing false prophecy of its founder.

    The chapter VI of the book "Salvation" from 1939 is entitled "God's government" and one paragraph is dedictated to the San Diego headquarter of the future earthly goverment, where faithful resurrected servants of god were awaited to act as princes on earth and execute power in this thesis of goverment. They are however another group than the 144000 heavenly kings, which are thought to be government that has the real power.

    This Watchtower business was the beginning of hiding the true history of the organisation. We must not forget that the Watchtower didnt pay a penny for this house, but the members donated for the project. The house was only for the personal use of Judge Rutherford. A source sayed he bought the house for $ 10 and building costs were $ 25.000.

    As this is unbelievable proof for false prophesy of the watchtower, I once again highlight this subject.

    History: http://jwsurvey.org/cedars-blog/beth-sarim-the-story-of-rutherfords-ivory-tower

    The following youtube video shows "brother" or "Judge Joseph Franklin Rutherford" working at the Beth Sarim Building lot.

    1929 Footage of J.F. Rutherford Building Beth-Sarim


    Good quality pictures of Beth Sarim you finde here


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    Now it is interesting to see how in the book Salvation after the paragraph about the building a house for the princes that should rule over the earth and the picture, instantly a chapter is following about an awaited great multitude of people surviving Armagedon, people who would supposedly have to live also on earth under the prophezised princes, who should administrate earthly matters as proof for this heresy. "

    "and the purpose of acquiring that property and building the house was that there might be some tangible proof that there are those on earth today who fully believe God and Christ Jesus and in His kingdom, and who believe that the faithful men of old will soon be resurrected by the Lord, be back on earth, and take charge of the visible affairs of earth." (Salvation, Watchtower)

    It seems that these two false prophesies are closely connected....without people living on earth, great multitude, no necessity for them to take charge of visible affairs of earth. So the founder of Jehovahs witnesses strongly believed once that this house would be necessary and should be donated by the exploited cult-followers.

    The real story of Beth Sarim

    "Beth-Sarim was built with funds that were a direct contribution for that purpose."


    As this prophesy didnt come true the Watchtower corrected its "understanding" of the matter

    « A few years after Brother Rutherford’s death,(*) the board
    of directors of the Watch Tower Society decided to sell Beth-Sarim .
    Why ? « The Watchtower » of December 15, 1947, explained : » It had fully served its purpose and was now only serving as a monument quite expensive to keep ; our faith in the return of the men of old time
    whom the King Christ will make princes in ALL the earth (not merely
    in Califonia) is based , not upon that house Beth-Sarim, but upon God’s Word of promise. »

    Wow. The new understanding fitted perfectly. But why did they build this house for the princes already before Armageddon and not after it ? They awaited the princes to return before Armageddon.

    More information about Beth Sarim and Beth Shan is available.

    Here is an article by TerryWalstrom

    The immediate personal use of this home and facilities in mild weather San Diego would be immediately available to Rutherford. However, the deed to the property makes it appear this was for the noble reason of providing a haven for the arrival of faithful men and women of old as Abraham, Moses, Rahab, and Sarah. A portion of the deed of trust reads as follows:


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I love how they said the house has already served it purpose. How nice of them to acknowledge that. What was it used for? Was it used for keeping Rutherford the drunk out of view of everyone until he died? Of course this is all old light and we of the pure faith don't believe this any more for we have new wacky things to believe in. I bet the people of San Diego didn't know how important of a place they live. LOL. Still Totally ADD

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