Governing Body vs Local Elder Body

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  • Boredposter

    Shortly before my exit a youngish elder who recently came from Brooklyn bethel commented to me how the local elder meetings were like the wild wild west. According to him in Brooklyn there was a very definite way to handle things. He seemed to imply the Brooklyn bethel way was better.

    After seeing GB member Splaines video about how elders could come to an united decision I was reminded of this.

    I had to wonder about this then and I wonder now. Would decisions that effect people personally be better handled by local elders or GB elders? Which would be more compassionate? Or fair or proper? Who really would be the better judges and shepherds? Thoughts?

  • _Morpheus

    One thing that really hit me about ray franz book was how his description of the gb elder meetings was IDENTICAL to the local edwrs meetings i was in. Its always a big personality pushing for their own agenda, yes men who go along with it, maybe one or two who really want to the “right thing” for the congregation. Brooklyns way is the same way as it is everywhere else. People are people.

  • stillin

    The new elder was trying to establish that he was really somebody from somewhere

  • steve2

    Principles of compassion and mercy on one side, big personalities on the other.

    It is an age-old contest.

    Guess which side always wins? Might is right.

    It is the same result in JW organization as it is in all organized religions and worldly politics.

    Expecting it to be different because of a religion's claims to be God's exclusive channel of communication on earth is to inhabit a fantasy world from which rude awakenings are the order of the day.

  • stillMS

    From my experience, the higher the rank/theocratic title is, the less 'humane' is it's bearer. There are exceptions of course, but that's kind of a trend, IMHO

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    I think the main difference is that when the local elders take a decision that affects negatively one's life is mostly beacuse they are indoctrinated to believe they have God's spirit. When the GB does the same is because they want to mantain power.

    We all know there are a few number of "awaken" elders and some people at the world headquarters too. My question is: Do you tink is there anyone out there in the congregations or branches that is Awake but continues to 'make progress' in order to accumulate power? A kind of JW Frank Underwood? (I'm not considering the GB members in this questions)

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