Just went over 20,000 downloads, maybe this will help someone new here ...

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  • dubstepped
    My original podcast where I told my story, This JW Life, has now gone over 20,000 downloads. It is a 9 part series that I put out last year and people continue to find it and listen. If you have someone that needs help processing what they went through as a JW, if you have friends or family that don't understand that whole part of your life, then please have them listen to this. If it's you, then I hope that you listen.

    When I told my story I wanted to do a couple of things. I wanted to have a sincere accounting of what I went through. I wanted to share it with others that I knew who were encouraging me to write a book. Since many of those people were never JWs, I made this specifically with the goal that anyone could connect to this and understand what we went through.

    I've had people share this with their spouses/partners that didn't understand where they came from in life or why they had these residual issues from it. I just had a person yesterday tell me that "Mike made me feel more normal", one of the greatest compliments that I could get. I've had people tell me that they disassociated after listening. I've had people go from PIMI to PIMO and even help wake up spouses. I get lots of emails from people that it has helped. I have moved on to my next project which is the "shunned" podcast where I help people to tell their own stories, but I should put this one out there more because I get so many great emails from people that have listened and were helped.

    So you can search for This JW Life on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Play podcast, find it on other podcasts apps like Podbean or Podcast Republic, or stream episodes live from my site at www.thisjwlife.com . I truly hope that you listen or share and if nothing else maybe find some healing in processing your own story through it, even if I never personally hear from you.
  • Magnum

    I've been aware of the podcast for a while and have been planning on listening to everything, but my having been an all-in JW put me in a bad financial system. I have a home, but I've literally been living in my car for almost the past year because I've been working and taking courses out of town, and I can't afford to stay in hotels.

    Anyway, my point is that I haven't been able to do much extra reading/listening or even posting on this site. Since you posted this, though, I now am more motivated to listen. It sounds like your efforts are having a good effect.

    Thanks for the post. Keep preaching. You've probably got enough hours to qualify as an exJW pioneer.

  • dubstepped

    Dang Magnum, sorry you've been in such a tough situation. I hope that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. We were certainly limited in the employment department through our cult upbringing.

    At least podcasts are free. They do take time though. I hope things are looking up.

  • scratchme1010

    Congratulations. I admire your work.

  • LV101

    dubstepped - thanks for info!

  • dubstepped

    Thanks Scratchme! That means a lot. I'm doing a lot of work right now to get these things on Youtube so that more people can find the stories, whether they listen there or go on to find my podcast and subscribe. I don't care how people listen, I just want them to listen if it's something that would help them. I've got plans do do more and more over time to reach a broader audience.

    @lv101 - You're welcome. I hope it helps somehow.

  • Simon

    Great job and well deserved success!

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