Know any Spiritual Vampires?

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  • new boy
    new boy

    The multimillionaire spiritual vampires from California.

    I was at Brother Vampire’s house drinking his cheap wine when his roof was being repaired that day. I had refereed a young newly married brother who was a roofer to fix Brother Vampires roof on his million dollar house. They just had a baby and were as poor as dirt.

    It was a terrible winter day in Oregon, with thunder and lightning and sheets of rain blowing in. The young man was up and down that roof for five hours looking and repairing all the leaks that day. Finally, he came in to get paid. He was completely drenched to the bone. I saw Brother Vampire pulled out a wade of money that would choke a horse. He scrolled through dozens of hundred dollars bills, until he got to the twenties. He slipped a single twenty dollar bill out of the wade and handed it to the young brother. You should have seen the look on this kid’s face. He told me years later, that he took the last nine dollars he had to buy caulk to fix this guy’s roof. He also said he came very close to telling this guy to “Keep his twenty dollars, you obviously need it more than me.” The only reason he didn’t say that is he needed the twenty bucks for gas to get back home.

    One more body in the road.

    One more side note about the vampire’s daughter who turned me in for saying “fuck.” My roofer friend told me that she tried to get his wife in bed with her a couple of times.

    Just more eating and defecating in the same spot.

    By the way a few years later one of Brother Vampire’s kids, decided to leave the organization. So of course he was cut off. He ended up being homeless and sleeping in the streets for years. That will teach him. How dare he leave god’s loving organization!

    So why does this family of self-righteous vampires upset me so much. I guess because that family seems to encapsulate the organization itself. They are always hunting for the smallest infractions in other people's lives, yet have no problem overlooking major shit in their own immediate Family/Bethel home.

    Let’s forget about pedophiles in the organization and lets dis-fellowship people for having oral sex.

  • waton

    at least he got 20 bucks, on a wt project he would have gotten zilch.

    Local example: among the multi millionaire jws in this neck of the woods is one with a vacation home in Southern California, among other things, he had a poor, elderly sister come in and cook for him and his invalid wife for free (you have to show true christian love by deeds) right? entitlement!

    Vampire are not conscious of the fact that they might be doing anything wrong. no conscience.

    PS: The couple might not have deliberately thought of humiliating, or exploiting the poor, but the me first attitude allowed that situation and wt's.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Thank-you Keith, as usual I'm shocked, upset, disappointed and disgusted. But not the least bit surprised. Friggen horrible. That job was worth 100 an hour in those conditions with Bro. Vampire's paying ability, at least !

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    JW friend used to have summer school camps for mountain biking, would basically show kids by example how to disrespect others property by riding on top of it doing stunts, disregard common courtesy and nearly set a wooded area on fire involving the fire marshal to come and intervene before things got out of hand. All denied of course, because entitlement. Yes on using fellow JW's and other 'worldlings' pro-bono. Seems to be a thing with the über JW children's ( born-in ) crowd. Got used myself by Mr. Charisma. Cear as a bell to see once you step back and look at it all going down in a detached manner. Really glad you post Keith your input here is much appreciated by us all.

  • Mary1

    Yep I know who you’re talking about! And Heather too...all very true

  • hoser

    Economic class distinctions are very real in the jw religion. They are really no different than people of the world.

    As for the entitled upper middle class jws. How do you think they got where they are? By taking advantage of poor folk.

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